Rizzle, a short-form video app, is home to the next hottest storytelling format: The 3-minute vertical series.

We’re accepting submissions worldwide for vertical series consisting of three 1-minute episodes, and are awarding promotion in-app, monetization, and additional series orders.



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Exclusivity and Usage terms and rights:

You always retain the intellectual property rights to your concepts. As with most platforms, Rizzle retains rights to use, but not ownership of, the ​vertical ​​version of your work​. Unless you are vertically reformatting past work deemed “non-exclusive,” all new, original work will be deemed exclusive and you may share the vertical version of your work with the Rizzle watermark for a 6 month period.

When you’ve uploaded your first 3-eps, please email 3m-promo@rizzle.tv and we’ll promote your channel!

+ Use#3MinSeries

Will I be paid for submitting work?

After submitting your 3-ep series, the content team will evaluate all submissions and award monetization, additional series orders, and promotion in-app & on social media for qualifying entries.

Marketing rights:

For a period of 12 months, we may use your work within ads promoting our platform, should we so choose.

Do all my episodes have to be 1 minute long?

Episode length can vary, as long as you deliver the amount of ​episodes​ in your contract. Best practices indicate episode length of at least 0:40.

Can I make more than 1 series? Can I make more than 3 episodes?

You can make as many series and as many episodes as you like! we will be evaluating the first 3 eps of each series for quality, watchability, and compact, captivating storytelling.

What is the level to which I can go in terms of creative freedom and censorship?

We do not censor, but given the broad audience on Rizzle, PG-13 is the overall guideline.

Hate speech/ racial epithets may never be used. Use your judgment. If a level of sexual content, violence or speech would realistically justify an R rating, please creatively consider alternatives.