10 Things for Video Content Creators to Know

video content creators

Creators, content creators. Even though they might not have the charm and appeal of James Bond, they are all the rage. Being a creator has become quite the hype for our generation, and for good reasons. Content creators are the ones who get fame, popularity, and, of course, the money. The creators go on to become influencers who then just keep rising! 

India has over 50 million content creators who are on various global apps. The rise in this number definitely has a lot to do with the pandemic. Many of these creators hopped onto this train due to boredom, while others pursued their passion. Whatever their reasons might be, they are one of the biggest stars today. 

With the rise of video content in this age, content creators have been our newest celebrities. Video content and short videos, more importantly, are consumed today by the masses. And when this is the case, you’ll surely want to jump on the wagon and become a creator. 

However, there are also a few things you should be aware of before you become a content creator. 46.7 million people worldwide think of themselves as amateur creators who make their money as creators, but not full-time. 

So if you’re excited about being a creator, we’re here to help you with just that!

Who are content creators?

Content creators are people who ideate and create content across any platform. This content can be in different forms like written, audio, or video. Anyone who adds and provides information or entertainment to the users is considered a creator. Blogs, images, creatives, products, videos, and vlogs are all considered content. 

Video creators are the ones who add video content, like live videos, vlogs, webinars, etc, to any platform. Yup, your favorite YouTubers, Rizzlers and Reelers are all video creators. 

We know you can’t wait to be one of the future stars, so here are the 10 things you should know before becoming a video content creator! 

1. Audience Knows Best

Your audience knows best. Before you dive into recording your first vlog, study your audience. Let’s assume you’re making a vlog series about pet dogs and tricks that you can teach them. You’ll want to target the dog people out there! Figure out who the dog owners are around you. You can connect with them to find out what parenting a dog is like and plan out your content based on that. 

Studying your audience will help you gain insight into what your audience wants, how you can help them, their behavior patterns, their lifestyle, build a network, and prepare a content plan that connects with them. For any video creator, it’s essential to create videos that their audience likes and relates to. 

If your audience connects with comedy, you could add a sense of humor to your videos. If your audience likes drama, go on and film the next GoT! Be anything your audience wants while obviously staying true to yourself! 

2. Keep Up With What’s New

No, not on your Facebook feed, but you get the idea! You’ll need to stay updated with the latest developments in your industry. This means keeping up with the recent changes in the industry, studying the industry trends, new innovations, new ideas, opportunities, etc. Learn what others are doing and try to do those things better. 

Staying updated on the latest trends will help you know what’s new. You can find ways to incorporate these trends into your content. Even by learning about recent memes like “I do not have time for this,” you could ideate your content to make it more relevant. 

There are always people coming up with new ideas in any industry, and if you want to be a content creator, you’ll need to be creative with your videos. Make sure you check out the newest memes and make your videos connect with your peeps! 

3. Make Your Own Style Statement

This means you need to find your unique style and make it stick! Now that you’ve done your research and learned about your audience, you’ll need to figure out what it is that makes you stand out! You could do this in many ways, like wearing a consistent outfit in your videos, talking a certain way, performing tricks that only you can do, etc. 

Expressing yourself will establish you as a strong and unequaled video content creator. It will also help you find your expertise and share it with your audience. With video-making, there are multiple things you can experiment with before arriving at your niche. Experiment, experience, and finally, follow your expertise! 

4. Net’work’ It

Building a network is crucial for all content creators. You’ll want to make friends with your fellow content creators and learn about their content, how they work, their unique style, and other things that can get you clarity on your area of content. You can authentically bond with the other content creators and seek help or provide guidance. 

You can also connect with people who share similar interests and expertise as you. Networking with like-minded people will help you stay in touch with how you need to modify your content. 

5. Set Your Goals

As you continue to grow your community, make sure to set goals for your content. You’ll need to set plans for yourself. Outline how you want your content to look and how your content will make people feel, like a mood board. You could also plan out when and on what platforms your content will go so it becomes easier to track it later. 

Once you start creating your own content, you could also track your growth and revise your plans if needed. This trial and error can help you develop a plan that works the best for you and your content. You could keep track of your goals and ensure you achieve at least 60% of them. For a social media platform, you could keep an eye on the reach you’re getting, the engagement rate, comments and shares, etc. 

6. Curiosity Never Killed Anyone

One of the things that drives online content is curiosity. You’ll need to be curious about everything! One way to do it is to question everything you know and don’t know. You’ll need to be on your toes for any knowledge you can gather and any skill you can master. 

This will create new avenues for you to explore your talent. Ideas can come anywhere, so you’ll need to scout any place and platform that you think might help. The more knowledge you gain, the more you can experiment with your video content. Brainstorm within your community and gain knowledge and potential ideas for your next project! Who knows, your next video could be bigger than the Cosmos! 

7. Consistency Is Key… And The Lock

Let us explain! 

Consistency is vital when it comes to online content creation. You’ve already made plans for your content, but it wouldn’t do anything unless you are consistent with that plan. Regular brainstorming, content calendars, reminders, and forming concrete habits could help you be regular with your content. Consistency is the key to having a well-maintained and organized content channel. 

It might sometimes be challenging for video creators to follow a schedule, but it still helps maintain a streak for your audience. One thing that can help is to announce your posting schedule to your viewers. They’ll know when to expect new content from you, and you’ll be reminded to be prepared for it! Consistency is also the lock that holds your viewers glued to your content!

8. Have The Necessary Equipment

For video creators, it’s crucial to have all content creation tools that just make your creator life easier! This equipment includes cameras, tripods, audio equipment, lights, green screen, or any other device required to create videos. It will also include editing software on your computer or phone to help edit and save your recordings. 

You could also build a home studio and have all your equipment in one place, in one room. Having necessary content creation tools can help you be ready for all kinds of video content that your creativity will demand. You can experiment with different genres, styles, video angles, and many more things if you have the right equipment!  

9. Make It Rain… But How

Before you get into video creation and jump at its perks, you’ll also need to decide your revenue source. Are you going to be a video creator full-time, or will you have a day job in the initial stages? The Creator economy is booming, and you’ll have to be financially prepared to be a part of it. You’ll need to decide your primary source of income and focus the hardest on that. 

There are many ways content creators make money. Figure out what works the best for you, and focus on that source. Make sure to have your resources in the right places and plan your content accordingly. Once you learn that, it’s you and all the moolah! 

10. Be A Snake

Now, we don’t mean you should be sneaky and conniving like a snake. But there are many things you discover on the journey of becoming a content creator. These things can be beneficial to you or have adverse effects on your content. You can shed the outdated things that don’t work for you and have new skin of new learnings right underneath it!

Constantly learning and evolving into your own skin will make you a resilient and relevant creator. You can track your growth and results to determine which strategy works for you and which doesn’t. You can even come up with unique methods that work the best for you. It’s all about beating your own best! 

Being a video creator sure is a lot of fun, and it’s apparent why so many people are taking it up either as a hobby or as a full-time profession. Some of these amazing creators found their way on Rizzle and uncovered their niche! Check out some of the genres and experiment with your own!

Here’s Jaansi lip-syncing to one of our favorite songs!

To all the coffee lovers, you should check out CafaenatedMD! 

Watch the Official Skippers show their talents! 

Dance and comedy both? Only The Panvelkars can do both! 

You can try out Rizzle and become a video creator yourself. Let us know which genre of videos you’ll create first in the comments below! 

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