5 Dreamy Fictional Characters

Dreamy Fictional Characters in 2021

Movies and TV shows are a part of our everyday life and whether you are having a really good day or a horrible day, there is always something to watch that makes us feel better especially when those come with dreamy characters. It is so easy to fall in love with a character but when that character comes in the form of 6 ft heartthrobs with better hair than you, it kind of speeds up the process of falling in love with them. We have had the likes of Ryan Gosling, young Leonardo DiCaprio, and Johnny Depp and have seen them take over the screen and the hearts of many.

But this generation has introduced us to a whole new school of dreamy guys who are all over the internet and here are 5 dreamy guys on our list:

Timothée Chalamet

The GOAT of all dreamy guys, Timothée Chalamet has blessed us all just by existing at the same time as him. He is the perfect example of “you don’t need abs or have to play sports to be the dreamy guy”. His ruffled uncombed hair still makes him look so sexy making all the hairdressers run of money. Timothée Chalamet is such an amazing actor who can play any character, whether it’s Elio Perlman in “Call Me by Your Name”, Nic Sheff in “Beautiful Boy” or the dreamy guy in “Lady Bird” and “Little Women.” The fact that he was nominated for Oscars in his first major film speaks volumes. If you are still not convinced by his capabilities or charmed by his persona, you should hear him speak French, the language of love. Our dream boy Timothée Chalamet has dual citizenship in the US and France, and boy he can speak French!

Noah Centineo

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, hold on, hold on, hold on, stop, stop stop!” if you read that line in Peter Kavinsky’s voice you are officially team, Peter. Netflix’s hit movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” hurtled Noah Centineo into a millennial heartthrob. Peter Kavinsky is the stereotypical popular guy in school who stands 6 ft tall and plays football, he has a dreamy look in his eyes and a smile that can start a war. There is no doubt Peter Kavinsky is the best boyfriend ever for Lara Jean. The way he shows her off to his friends or gets along with her family perfectly, fuelled by the fact that he writes cute notes for her, takes her to over cliche romantic dates (psst girls love it) all just prove that Peter Kavinsky has set the boyfriend bar too high just by existing.

Jacob Elordi

We have all been attracted to the bad boy, whether it is in movies or in real life. Our boy Jacob Elordi has played the hot dreamy guy Noah Flynn in “The Kissing Booth” but there is no denying that his character was toxic. Even in Euphoria, his character Nate Jacobs has similar toxic traits. Nate Jacobs is a popular star football player with inherent toxic masculinity and his on and off relationship with his girlfriend along with his closet sexuality brings out the toxic in him. But that did not stop anyone from drooling over the handsome guy. Hate the characters not the actors right? With a chiseled body, a perfect jawline, beautiful brown eyes, and a 6.3 ft height, he is definitely one to look out for.

Ross Butler

Some might be wondering why Ross Butler is even on the list. It’s fair to ask that given the fact that he’s done very few movies. His portrayal of Zach Dempsey in “13 Reasons Why” clearly puts him on the top list of our dreamy guys and if you are a fan of the show you’ll especially agree with that. In 13 Reasons Why, he is the ex-boyfriend of Hannah Baker and the subject of the seventh tape on Hannah’s list of reasons why she killed herself. But despite how it ended with him and Hannah, there is no denying that his relationship with Hannah was the perfect summer romance and it was the highlight of both his and Hannah’s love life.

Cole Sprouse

If child actors grow up to be messed up adults, the Sprouse twins are an exception. Cole Sprouse had proper education and given the fact that he was a famous child actor, it is a great achievement. He studied archaeology, geographic information systems, and satellite imaging at New York University and he is also a professional photographer. He won hearts as Ben Geller in Friends and as Cody Martin in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. He grew up to be a smoking hot adult and redefined the comic-book character of Jughead forever for all “Archies” fans. With a smile that can light up an entire room and a notorious smirk, Cole Sprouse is definitely one of the dreamiest guys ever.

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