5 Easy DIY Ideas To Try At Home

Easy DIY Ideas To Try At Home

Getting the blues this lockdown, get down to business, and try out some of these DIY experiments at home!

Lockdown has taught us many things that life, in general, could and one of them is DIYs. If you are in the mood to forge a deeper connection with your creative spirit, DIY is the perfect go-to project. Since most of us aren’t too time-starved while we are at home, easy DIY projects don’t only come to the rescue but also instill creativity like never before.

With e-commerce restricted to only essentials and shopping malls being locked for weeks, taking care of skin becomes a task. Do it yourself or DIY ideas to make homemade and natural skincare products are quick, super easy, and pocket-friendly more often than not. DIY beauty products are mostly chemical-free and can leave your skin fresh and glowing.

Here are some of the Rizzlers who aced the DIY game this lockdown and the results are amazing. Don’t believe us? Check out yourself!

  1. DIY Dry Shampoo – Emmarie Whitaker – Getting your hands on a good brand of dry shampoo is nothing short of a dream come true. Emmarie, our beloved Rizzlers, shows an easy and fun way to make your own dry shampoo at home without having to rely on brands. The shampoo is easy to make and does not involve tedious processes.
  2. DIY Moisturizer – Dr. Purva – We bet you’ve tried over 10 different brands of moisturizers only to find one particular kind that suits your skin just right. Making a perfect concoction that soothes the skin and moisturizes it completely isn’t a child’s play but what if you run out of your favorite lotion and there’s nowhere to go to? That’s when Dr. Purva’s DIY moisturizer will come to rescue. To make this natural moisturizer at home, watch her Rizzle video right away!
  3. DIY Mask – Emma Jane – Emma’s DIY mask video has done rounds on the Rizzle app and it’s time for her to conquer your hearts with her creativity. The DIY banana botox mask is all-natural, home-made, and super awesome. All you need to do it follow the steps and make a mask that adds freshness to your face and relaxes your mind while you put it on and rest.
  4. DIY Body Polish Mask – Laxita Soontha – Who doesn’t seek skin that shines brighter than gold? However, getting body polish done at the salon isn’t a cheap affair and often leaves one contemplating – to visit or to not visit! Well, gone are such days as now, you can make your own DIY body polish at home, without breaking your bank. Yes, visit Laxita’s channel to get inspired by her DIYs and create your own body polish to put the salon at shame. Have you seen her videos yet?
  5. DIY Room decor – Emmarie Whitaker – Who doesn’t like a pretty looking room that greets you with all its warmth the moment you step in? We understand that it takes a lot to create the room of your dreams – sweat, money, patience, things! Fret not, we have you sorted there! Emmarie brings the most crazy room decoration ideas that are not just easy to execute but are also pretty cheap. All you need to do is utilize the waste available at home and tadaa, your DIY room decorate is ready!

These DIY videos are all you need to experiment during the lockdown days and make the most of your time. Tune in to Rizzle and watch more such real, raw, and creative videos to wake up your muse!

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