5 Reasons Why Gloves are the Ultimate Fashion Statement

Gloves as a Fashion Statement

The most underrated fashion item, yet the one being the ultimate style statement – gloves!

Status Symbol?

If you think gloves are only for the extremely rich and posh who do not want to show their pale gentle hands to the world, you might be right. It did start out like that. From Victorian times, when wearing a glove was necessary for a woman, because the world is too harsh for her hands and they need to be protected at all costs.
It was a status symbol that portrayed that they are above manual work. They do not need to work, and all they have to do is sit and look pretty. Oh to be a woman in those times! Even though it acted as a patriarchal and classist symbol previously, it is important to recognize the shift in the fashion world and proudly wear it now as a response to those patriarchal and classist norms.
Men also wore gloves because how dare you to touch this gentlewoman with your cold damp hands. If you had to take a woman’s hand, it needed to be gloved. It seems generally like a good policy actually considering the kinds of viruses and flu that were in the air with very little advancement in medicine.

Safe and fashionable at the same time

Cut to the current Corona times where masks and gloves have made a comeback as a necessary measure. And if we are to live in these post-corona times and there is anything that humans particularly know is to adapt.
So let’s leave the surgical gloves and masks to the frontline workers, and all of us who can afford it, buy some Gucci gloves. Because honestly, don’t you want your hands to look rich?

They never went away

They actually never really went away. Gloves continued to be a major part of fashion whether it be iconic Marilyn Monro looks or Audrey Hepburn with soft gloves and a gigantic hat to even Ariana Grande recently.
Those looks have continued to shape fashion as we know it, and are a major part of our celebrity culture.


There are many kinds of gloves both for men and women depending on their use and material and occasion. Now the usual first instinct is to think that they are meant for only ball gowns and long dresses.
But the variety in the fashionable world of gloves allows you to choose one for any kind of outfit that you have. There are biker gloves, cotton gloves, soft gentle silk ones, gloves for your hands, gloves that come up to your elbow, gloves that cover your elbow. The buffet is yours. Don’t forget to think about practicality while purchasing reusable gloves. Will you be able to wash them every day, get darker colors so they don’t show stains, make sure the Versace symbol is visible when you wave someone hello. Keep in mind!

Attitude Accessories

We all love accessories. They say a lot about a person, and can even become the focus pieces of your outfit.
The accessory symbolizes your attitude according to me. Rocking some hoops with your dress? Big Girl Energy. Some bangles along with your Indian outfit? You wanna be heard before you are seen. A beanie? Do you skateboard? Try wearing gloves though, they will immediately change your demeanor. Your hands will feel more graceful, you will pick things up gently, as if all eyes are on your hand, and it is amazing!

They can be the ultimate fashion statement with any kind of outfit you choose to wear. They are safe and wonderfully soft or smooth. Keep your hands and yourself protected, fashionably!

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