7 Social Media Video Ideas to Help You Go Viral

7 Social Media Video Ideas to Help You Go Viral

Oxygen. Water. Food. Shelter. You probably recognize these as the bare necessities for survival. Well, in modern times, that list has a few additions like the internet, wifi, smartphones, social media, etc. Are we being a tad dramatic? Yes. But we’re sure there’s a part of you that can agree with us. Social media is so intricately tied into our lives that we can’t imagine a world without it. And of all, the content that seems to do well on social media, video is probably the most popular. Today, we will delve into why that is and give you some really cool ideas to help you boost your social media presence.

Among the myriad benefits of social media, the opportunity for innovation is truly one of the best. You can record and share tidbits from your daily life. Social media lets you push the boundaries of creativity. How often have you come across a social media video that blew your mind? Have you ever stumbled on a video that packs creativity and simplicity to create something that makes you want to watch it on a loop? Well, we’ve all been there! And today, we’ll look at how we can get on the other side of that bridge. 

Not too long ago, it used to be that only a chosen few had the privilege and access to the software and technology required to create videos. Today, that journey is summed up in two simple actions on your very own smartphone: open camera and tap record. This very ease of access has made it possible for just about anyone to create a social media video.  

That’s enough dilly-dallying. Let’s dive right into the world of social media video creation!

Popular Social Media Video Trends

When we say social media video trends, you already know what we’re talking about. This encompasses everything from viral music to videos that went viral because of music, from silly pranks to challenges that kept us all going through the dark days of the global pandemic. Trends come and go, but their brief stints in our lives bring us all a whole lot of joy. 

Do you remember the whip and nae nae? It’s been over 7 years since this highly catchy tune came out, and we bet you can still do the steps to this song. Now think about it, is this because of the video or how it completely took over social media? It is most likely the latter. This is the power of social media, the ability to bring people closer together. Where earlier we had scattered communication and lived isolated from other people, today social media has us feeling connected across the globe! You could start a trend in the morning, it will blaze through social media, and in a matter of hours, you could have the whole world dancing to your tune.

Did that sentence get you daydreaming of being a viral sensation? Do you want to be the one to start the next viral social media video trend? You can do it! We believe in you. And what’s more, we’re happy to help!

7 Social Media Video Ideas to Go Viral

Short videos have literally taken over the world by storm. They have permeated every social media platform that exists. Each social media app or site had something unique and different to offer back in the day. Today these apps contain many multimedia elements that allow you as a user and a creator to really go beyond the ordinary. And of all these multimedia elements, videos do really, really well. Skeptical? Fret not. We have the facts to back this bold claim. Short-form videos will account for 40% of all videos on social media in 2022. This is your sign to get with the program!

The perfect social media video is equal parts unique, engaging and creative. Sounds vague? Well, we’ve got more on this. But these primary factors are to help you filter out the non-essentials in a social media video. They say an image can say a thousand words. A video can relay so much more!

So without further ado, let’s look at 7 social media video ideas to start you on the journey to becoming a social media sensation!


If comedy is your strong point, then this one is for you. You can just pick a movie or a show that’s really popular with the masses and create a parody. Remember Vampires Suck? That’s the parody of the wildly popular Twilight Saga movies. With your parody video, you can either exaggerate the characters or point out apparent plot holes in the story. Either way, you can get your followers to hit that share button after they’re done laughing.


No, we’re not talking about the K-pop band. BTS or behind-the-scenes video is a great option to give your followers a glimpse into something they wouldn’t usually see every day. The exclusive inside look is the highlight of a BTS video. Show your viewers what goes into your video-making process. Or you could give them a peek at your hobbies. 

Suppose you have access to show your viewers the manufacturing process of a simple everyday product. In that case, they will lap it up and ask for more! If you vlog on the regular, then you can repurpose some of the outtakes and use them to create a BTS video.

30-day challenge

How challenging is a challenge if you only do it once? We’re going to say,” not much.” While participating in social media challenges may seem like the easy way to go viral, we suggest breaking away from the crowd. A 30-day challenge is an excellent way to participate in a challenge or start a new one. 

If you’re into health and fitness, this one’s especially for you. So whether you want to go with 100 squats a day for 30 days or switch to a healthier diet for 30 days, do it! Not only will you be healthier for it, but by sharing this with your followers, they’d benefit too. It could even be what makes you go viral. 

How to showcase this in the form of a social media video? Well, that’s up to you. You could do a check-in vlog every 3 days or every week. So, bring it on! Create your own 30-day challenge!


Humans are inherently lazy. Yeah, we’re looking at you. And us. We’re lazy too! And what we love more than anything is an excellent hack to help us take care of tasks that are either mundane or difficult to do. We’re sure that you’ve definitely encountered these hacks online that show you the easy way for doing everything from laundry to making pasta

The best part about this idea is that it isn’t restrictive to any genre but universally applicable. Everyone loves a good hack. And if your tip is helpful, you can be assured that your video will spread like wildfire! 

A hack could be a simple discovery you made accidentally or something you googled. You have to test it out and make sure it works before sharing it with your followers. They’ll be ever so grateful for the help. 

Tour Vlog

Travel enthusiasts and people with “wanderlust” in their bios, we’re seeking you out. Travel vlogs are immensely popular online. Everyone loves to live vicariously through these videos that showcase beautiful places to visit on our planet.

You can use footage and images from your travels to neatly pack them into a short video for maximum impact. In fact, you don’t even need a passport or have to travel too far to create a tour vlog. You could just take your followers on a virtual tour of the local haunts. Maybe a famous museum or some historic ruins. 

So grab your phone and plan that tour! Take your followers on the trip of a lifetime!


Stories can be the path to your stardom. Who doesn’t love stories? It is said to be an art form, the art of storytelling. Thanks to the digital evolution, stories have transcended print into the virtual realm. If you like stories, whether you read them n a book, watch a movie or share a personal anecdote, then this is for you. We’re sure your followers will love your stories too! 

People on social media are looking for a connection. You need to create the kind of content that can resonate with them. And what better way to break the proverbial ice than to tell a story? We can’t think of any! 

Top 10

Lists. We use them for buying groceries or organizing our tasks for the day. And isn’t it so satisfying to tick off an item on these lists? Well, judging by the title of this article, we’re sure you already know we like lists. How about using the power of lists to create videos that can propel you to the heights of social media fame. Confused? Well, we are talking about your top tens. What are your top ten favorite movies? Maybe you’d like to share your top ten antivirus softwares to help with digital decluttering? The possibilities are endless. What’s more, you could really help someone pick a movie for a date night or a suitable antivirus to protect their devices.

Obviously, these were just some examples of what you could do with a top ten list. You can use your own ingenuity and come up with creative lists that your followers would enjoy. People are more likely to share something that’s helpful to them. More shares equal more chances to go viral!

Rizzle and Social Media Video

Rizzle is a great app with some exciting features that can help you to create and edit your videos. Not only are there camera tools to help you with the recording, but there are many cool editing features to take up your social media video several notches. Rizzle also has a pretty uplifting community of creators that can inspire you to make amazing videos that can go viral. 

Well, we’ve covered some great ideas that can hopefully spark the creation of your next viral video. Make sure to let us know your favorite ones in the comments.

So, wait, why are you still here? Download Rizzle now! And go viral!

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