7 Ways for Video Content Repurposing

If you have a collection of videos that you love, this is for you! Certain content pieces dig their way into your heart and never leave. These content pieces have the potential to go viral and catch your audience’s eyes. What if we tell you that you can take this content and reuse it?

Didn’t get it? Ever heard of content repurposing? No? We bet you would have heard about the Wobble Baby! Her adorable moves have been going viral on every platform you can find. This should give you a hint about what content repurposing is. 

Content repurposing has been around for many reasons, and the main one is to have more reach. A research study by BrightEdge found that organic search still remains superior as a source of web traffic. It only proves how important it is that you repurpose your content. 

With that said, let’s get into what repurposing means. 

Content Repurposing 

Content repurposing, also known as content recycling, means using and reusing your content or elements of it to gain more reach. And no, it doesn’t mean you put the same piece of content across all platforms. It means you tweak it, recycle it, customize it to the other media and then post it there. 

However, there is a method to this process. It is recommended that you repurpose evergreen content to make the most of this gem. Evergreen content is the content or a piece of it that remains relevant through all seasons and time. It won’t go old or obsolete, and it will not lose its value since it is search-optimized. 

So by reusing evergreen content, you can ensure that your repurposed content never goes out of style! 

Yes, we can read the question in your head: Why should I repurpose my old content? Let’s answer this. 

Benefits of repurposing content 

Let’s assume you’re getting ready to go out, and you look on point (even though no one says that anymore)! If you’re like anyone else with a smartphone, the next obvious thing to do would be to take a selfie. You put your photo as a WhatsApp Story. Now, you wish to put it on Instagram Reels, so you turn that photo into a video. 

We don’t think as much when we repurpose content across various channels in our daily lives but let’s get into the benefits. 

Far, far away

We never knew where far, far away was in the fairytales and movies, but we know that your content can reach much wider audiences far, far away simply by repurposing. The audience on every platform is different, and your content can reach more relevant and targeted audiences. 

Easy peasy, oh so lazy!

If you’re lazy just like everyone else, then repurposing is for you, my friend! It is so much easier to customize your content to another platform and post it than to develop an entirely new content piece altogether. 

If you have a blog post on your website, you can convert it into a video to post on YouTube. If you have a video, you can turn it into a search-optimized blog post. There’s no stopping you!

Create less, promote more – Salma Jafri

Content marketing has been around for a long time, specifically since 1996. Even in today’s world, you can’t deny the importance of marketing, and repurposing is a great tool to accommodate it. What better way to market your content than to make it accessible to a larger audience? Let us answer it for you: None! 

SE-Oh! That’s the key!

Getting on the SEO ride with Keywords, Google Analytics, and the rest of the tools will go a long way for you! Repurposing your content across multiple platforms and channels and optimizing it will make it more visible and accessible. With a new wave of temporary tactics coming on every day, SEO is the boat you want to sail on!

Are you also eagerly waiting to know everything about how you can repurpose your video content? We have some ideas right here for you! 

Repurposing video content across multiple channels

Video content repurposing can be different from converting your photo into a video. Repurposing your video requires minimal effort, and you don’t have to be a professional. However, repurposing content commercially has an entirely different process. 

Blog into a podcast

The most common way to repurpose your content is to turn your blog post into a podcast. This podcast can be audio or video, and depending on your content, you can make it however you want to. 

If your blog talks about a technical or dry subject, then turning it into a video podcast will help make it easier to grab. You can also break the podcast into episodes to make it even more digestible. 

Your blog post could be informative or old, and you could put it in a story format, as a new video, and it would reach more of your people. There are easy ways to make videos at home, and they’ll do the trick for you! 

Webpage into a video

A survey suggested that 85% of Indian users watched video content online. So you can guess which form of content they would enjoy more – webpage content or the same content transformed into a video. If your audience is a visual learner or even a user addicted to videos, this repurposing will get your content across. 

Another way to market your YouTube video is to add it to your blog posts or on your webpage. This can help garner more views on your video. 

Repost with a twist

Social media is an ever-changing community, but that’s where evergreen content steps in. You can repost your video content across platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram by adding a twist for each one of them. 

A study by Tomasz Tunguz found that multiple tweets about the same post bring in 75% engagement of the engagement on the original post. It depends on where your audience is spending the most time and how much they engage with your content. 

Similarly, you can also post your video across platforms by making small changes, like adding a trending music track or adding quick transitions to it to make it more fun. 

Video into infographic

Infographics have become wildly popular due to their convenient presentation and easy readability. Turning your video into an infographic makes it a child’s play for your audience to grasp. A visually appealing and condensed infographic can make your content popular on social media. 

Instagram videos

There are tons of things you can do with Instagram videos. The most helpful tool here is making a 60-second video trailer of your video. This trailer can draw your audience to your video. From here, you can redirect your audience to your original full-length video. 

You could also add the video link in your Instagram bio to direct your followers there. You can add your Rizzle video link to your bio as well. 


Stories are the easiest way for you to make your content known. You can post snippets of your videos on your WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook stories. This can include adding various elements to it to intensify the suspense and make it more intriguing for your peeps! 

It’s a fun and engaging way to interact with your users and find out what kind of content they like. 

Webinars and testimonials

So your webinar is killing it, but you want more people to watch and learn from it. What do you do? You repurpose it and post it on a social platform. This will make your webinar more accessible, and you can now rest easy! 

If you have words of your attendees talking about how your content has influenced and assisted them, then there’s another road waiting for you to take! You can turn their reviews into videos, or if you have videos, you can edit and post them. 

So now, you can transform your video content into the Masala Dabba of every Indian household – a must-have! Repurpose your video and post it to several channels, and you’re good to go!

There are many other ways to repurpose your videos, but these ideas will get you off to a good start. 

Repurposed videos that went viral

Let’s now look at some of the repurposed videos that went viral. 

Guess the video: Yeh humaara Rizzle hai, aur yeh hum hai. Aur yeh humaari moj hori hai! 

We can never be grateful enough for the number of memes we got out of this one! 

Who knew Elsa went to The Office as well? Well now you do and the information is out of the unknown!

Is your childhood love your lobster? We bet you’ll remember your basspan ka pyaar with this one! Don’t believe us? Just watch!

Do you also check if your mic is on during Zoom calls? Because, same! We know the consequences all too well. 

We’re sure you’ve seen them. There’s no denying the renewed popularity of the Astronomia track by the coffin dancers. There’s even a filter that lets you be a part of it!

With so many videos going viral and so many videos being circulated, you can be sure that there is a definite need for content repurposing and its forms. Today’s generation thrives on online content, and it is challenging to come up with new content every day, so video repurposing saves the day! 

Do make sure you’re aware of any copyrights requirements arising when repurposing content owned by others and abide by them. For your original content, remake all the way! 

If you would like to hop on this journey of refurbishing old content with exciting new elements, Rizzle is your answer! Rizzle lets you give a fresh touch to your content with features like Rimix and Filmi. It can provide the magic your video needs! So download Rizzle and recreate videos that will go viral! 

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