Beginner Tips on How to Shoot Stunning Travel Videos

Travel Vlogs

Take another step forward towards traveling with vlogs!

To travel is to be free. Free from a world where a thirst consumes many to make it right. One who travels knows its beauty, knows how to live, and how to be indeed alive. Many travelers worldwide travel and capture magical moments on their camera and share it with the world on social media platforms like Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
It is thrilling to witness a moment of beautiful nature, to experience a new place, a new country, and culture and record it to share it for the world to see.
Vlogging is nothing but sharing experiences, feelings, and moments with an audience. It is a form of communication that engages an audience of similar interests and attracts other audiences as well sometimes.
If you are a traveler and want to document your experiences, then vlogging about it would be right up your alley!

In travel vlogs, you can talk about your personal experience of the trip and share your hacks, how-to’s, tips and tricks, and much more. Many travel vlog experts have done this, and so can you. So let’s dig in on how to shoot travel vlogs.

Just do it

Are you a quintessential armchair traveler? If you are, then it’s time to get up from your seat and walk the journey. Seeing the beautiful world outside your home is an adventure anyone can have, but don’t do it. So your first step is to start. Start with packing your suitcase, getting in a car, hitting the road, driving to the nearby beach, or driving anywhere. Let the road take you on an unknown journey.

Vlog with what you have

Before you splurge on that expensive camera equipment, stop. Begin your journey as a content creator with what you have. A phone is an excellent start to shooting videos since it is convenient. Take shots of where you are, what you are doing, take clips of the things around you, people around you. Look around you; if you see a view you want to share with other people, record it on your phone. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just starting to do what you like is important and focus only on that.

Tell a story

When recording videos, it is essential to tell a story to your audience. Have a list of things you want to do while traveling and think about how you want to say to this story with the audience? For example, you can start the video by talking about why you wanted to go on a trip, cut to you being in the airport, show what you are up to in the airport, shot of your time on the flight, when you reached your destination, your hotel, exploration sites you visit. In contrast, on the trip, share what you think of the place, how the journey was for you, etc. Telling a story will help you connect with the audience and will keep them interested in the video. An account will give a purpose to your video. Start with whatever comes to your mind. With practice, your way of telling the story will also change.

Be original

Be yourself. Travel videos are fun, beautiful, and entertaining to watch. These vlogs are very personal and real. Many creators show who they are with vlogs—an outlet to show their creativity and do what they love. You don’t have to put on an unrealistic personality for travel vlogs. Show who you are as that is the quickest way to connect with people sitting on the other side of the screen. Being personal can do wonders. If you can evoke emotions with your videos, then you are on your way to becoming a successful video creator.

Editing endgame

Editing is like bringing magic to the screens. It has the power to make people go Woah. And you can do that by editing the videos that you record with a flare. There are many free tools available for you to dabble. Excellent editing software can make your videos look professional. If you have a Mac laptop, then you can use iMovie to edit your videos. Otherwise, you can try editing software like Lightworks, VideoPad, OpenShot, and so on. Research the video editing software and choose the one that suits you.
If you are looking to edit videos on the phone, then try Rizzle. Rizzle is the most innovative short video platform that will take your blogging journey to the next level with its in-app video editing features on the go. Share short stories and have significant impacts.


Music is the key for all vlogs. It adds a zest of fun to the videos to let the viewers have fun while watching the video. Picking the right track setting in the music to the video is very important. So the first step is to choose the right song for the video. Please do not go with what you like but instead, look for a track that will fit your video’s theme and add essential elements to it. With practice and training, you’ll be able to try multiple editing and music effects to make your video look fantastic.


Color grading is something that you’ll get the hang of after doing it for multiple years, but color-grading your videos is also essential. With color grading, you can make a very dull scene look bright and vice versa. An effect like this will make your video look like a fantasy story.

Avoid overdoing effects

Do not add more effects than what is needed. Keeping it minimalistic is the way to go. Sure, you got a new tool, and adding effects is cool, but that’ll only result in an amateur video. Add effects only in the places that are needed. Take the call and see where you can make it look fabulous. Don’t repeat the same idea over and over; move on to the next scene.

Understand the platform

After creating an excellent video, you should publish it on a platform for people to see. There are many platforms to share content, but it is necessary to understand the platform where you share your content. Because after posting the video comes branding and making people notice your video. Firstly, understand how people from the same industry do it in the field. Try those methods. Have a fun title and description about your video, add subtitles for your viewers to read, and use relevant hashtags for your video. After posting it, share your video with your friends online and share it on your other social media accounts. Follow these simple steps and take forth this fun journey of travel vlogging.

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