5 Best Basketball Players of all Time

Best Basketball Players of all Time

The NBA, with its 74 years old history, has seen some amazing talent stretching over decades, tackling the ball and tripling on the court winning hearts a basket at a time.

One of the toughest things for basketball fans all over the world is to pick 5 of the best basketball player. I mean, just 5 is way too little! If the list was 25 best players and no less, maybe it would have been easier. The NBA, with its 74 years old history, has seen some amazing talent stretching over decades, tackling the ball and tripling on the court winning hearts a basket at a time. Basketball has evolved in terms of playing style and these changes have divided the NBA players into two schools, Old School and New School. Without sticking to any particular school of the NBA, here are the 5 players who deserve to be on today’s list of top 5 best basketball players of all time.

Michael Jordan

The first on our list is without a doubt the GOAT of basketball, Michael Jordan. He is a living basketball legend who is impossible to dethrone. His career is a long list of record-breaking achievements and other accolades. Every time fans saw him play they saw something magical happen on the court with his impossible-to-get-through defense and his gravity-defying dunk which has garnered the nickname ‘His Airness’ and the famous ‘Air Jordans’ which is still famous today. He led the Chicago Bulls through six NBA championship wins, which established the Bulls’ dominance of the NBA in the 90s. With a career like his, he is the greatest basketball player of all time.

LeBron James

Two names come to all basketball fans when the question of who is the best basketball player of all time arises and it’s always LeBron James or Michael Jordan, and the debate continues. LeBron James is the best NBA player today and his career is still going strong with LA Lakers so maybe we’ll conclude the debate after he retires. Standing at 6.9 feet he is one of the best defensive players in the NBA history and an efficient player, he may not be much of a scorer unlike others on our list but he holds his status with quick rebounds and assist compared to the others. LeBron James has won three NBA championships with Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers and with a few more years on the clock before he retires, maybe he will lead the Lakers to another NBA championship.

Kobe Bryant

The only one in our list who is no longer with us is Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba. Kobe was definitely one of the best basketball players ever, he is often called a downgraded Michael Jordan because of their similar playing style and competitive spirit. His career achievements and accolades exceed the basketball court because he has an Academy Award to his name for the Best Animated short film. Kobe Bryant’s high-flyer in the court with recording breaking scoring points will always be iconic. Some people consider him as a solo player who doesn’t pass the ball but to his fans, he will be the legend who has won 5 NBA championships.

Magic Johnson

The greatest point guard of all-time Earvin “Magic” Johnson got the deserve title “Magic” from sports reporters and fans who saw what he did on the basketball court. From delivering amazing baskets to his extraordinary rebounds and assists he became a game-changer in basketball. Unlike most A-list basketball players, Johnson never went for the score or points, he always passes the ball to his teammates after drawing the opponent defense players towards him. NBA has never seen a 6.9 feet player move the way he did, assisting and passing the ball. His plays were splendid and consistent, thus putting his name as one of the best basketball players of all time.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played for 20 NBA seasons and he retired when he was 42, and with a duration like that, no one in NBA history can match his list of achievements. He was a trendsetter who popularized the infamous “skyhook” which is still famous among players. His success is attributed to the amazing pass by his teammates Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson but the 7.2 feet legend is without a doubt one of the best players in the entire NBA history who raised the standards of NBA like no other. He won six championships, with the first and last coming 17 years apart, and dominated the basketball scene in those years.

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