Best British TV shows

best british tv shows

Here is rounding up the best British TV shows ever. Sure, we have only managed to talk about a few out of the numerous ones British television has been gifting the world, but these are exceptionally brilliant.

Here’s rounding up some of the best British TV shows of all time:


The modern adaption of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic, Sherlock, has managed to keep audiences across the world at the edge of their seat with an engaging storyline and ingenious portrayal of Sherlock by Benedict Cumberbatch. The show will leave you guessing what’s going to happen next. Intriguing, intelligent, and perfectly cast, Sherlock has upped the game in the genre of mystery.

The Crown

One of the most critically and commercially acclaimed shows to have ever come out in recent times, The Crown chronicles the personal journey of Queen Elizabeth 2, taking the audience on a ride of emotions as we witness the significant events, joys, and failures of the Queen battles through. With opulent sets, grand visuals, and a telling storyline, this British period drama makes for the most captivating series ever.


The story follows the life of a single girl and her life in the city’s hustle-bustle. “Fleabag” is not only hilarious but heartbreaking as well. The USP of the show is the humor, and the very talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge brilliantly showcases her comic timing. Make sure to add this to your list ASAP.

Doctor Who

This show has a loyal fan base and has consistently ruled British television screens for the longest time. The show revolves around a scientist hailing from a faraway planet and known as The Doctor. The sci-fi geek in all of us is sure to be entertained with the captivating storylines. Yes, we all secretly have sci-fi love.

The Bodyguard

This fast-paced political thriller starring Game of Thrones fame Richard Madden is all things gripping. The story centers around Madden, who plays a bodyguard’s titular role and his journey of being assigned to protect a high-profile politician. Brilliant cinematography, exceptional performances, and a brisk storyline allow this show to shine. Don’t miss this one.

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