Best Donuts from All Around the World!

Donuts around the world.

Indulge yourself in the sweetness of the world.

Food is a tricky business. They can be sweet, spicy, bitter, or sour. And in this article, we are going to cover the delicacies that make people extra sweet. What comes to your mind when you think of donuts? The ring of deep-fried dough with a hole in the middle? Or the ones sprinkled with sugar or the donut that have those colorful fillings from which you cannot take your eyes off.
Do you know what people say these days?- ‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy donuts’ and they are the same thing. Anybody would be happy to have donuts on a difficult day. Whether it’s a sad day or a happy day everybody can have fun with donuts. In the past consumers could only buy the donuts at the nearest cafe or bakery but now you can order your favorite type of donuts with a snap of your fingers.
These little treats are always delicious when compared to other sweet dishes from around the world and they are always picture-perfect for your Instagram post. Donuts are prepared in four different shapes. They are rings, holes, filled, or any other shape that the chef can envision. Whether your favorite is glazed, sprinkled, or jelly-filled, you can have it all with donuts. Donuts are always topped with a glaze or something equally sweet. But depending on where you live, these sweet treats can look different. They have evolved into different shapes, sizes, and flavors altogether over time.

Let’s take a look at the best donuts from around the world.


Oliebol, which means oil balls, was introduced by the Dutch to the Americans. It is a New Year’s Eve treat in The Netherlands. They are petite and fit perfectly in the palm and often contain ice cream scoops, raisins, apples, or currants. You can try any other filling of your choice.


Sufganiyot are a pillowy jelly donut enjoyed by many during the time of Hanukkah. The first mention of this jelly-filled donut was recorded in a 15th-century German cookbook that was translated into Polish. By the 17th century, these donuts, then called paczki (Polish) or ponchiks (Yiddish) were included in Hanukkah festivities. When the jews emigrated to Israel, they brought ponchiks with them; the treats were renamed sufganiyot. Sufganiyot was named an official Hanukkah treat in the 1920s. This step was taken because unlike other Hanukkah foods that could be made at home, sufganiyot created jobs in the baking industry.


Beignets donuts are made up of yeast, sweetened dough, square cuts, and then fried. They are square and pastry-like donuts that are generously sprinkled with powdered sugar on the top. Beignets are best served with a cup of coffee. These squarish, amply-sugared donuts are closely associated with New Orleans. The flavor of Beignets is not as sweet as traditional donuts but these pastry-like desserts will win your heart! Beignets are famous in France, New Orleans, and Louisiana.


These golden deep-fried sticks are a popular breakfast treat in China and other South Asian countries are often paired with soy milk. The Chinese fried donuts are referred to as the oil-fried-devil. The name speaks for itself, not many people can avoid the golden strip of donuts. These donuts can deceive the customers with the way it looks. It is served with soy milk on the side to dip into. You can also try having this donut along with any dipping sauce that fits your liking.


Buñuelos or cheese fitters are round-shaped crispy donuts that are full of texture and flavor. Added with a pinch of sweetness, these donuts are enjoyed at Colombia’s Christmas fest as a treat. These round donuts are made with white flour, cornflour, cassava flour, or mashed cassava. These donuts can be enjoyed all year long with your family or friends.

Sel Roti

If you ever go on a trip to Nepal, you should try this sweet bread called Sel Roti. Originated in Nepal, Sel Roti is a hoop-shaped sweet bread that is a celebratory food enjoyed during the festivals of Tihar and Dashain as well as on special occasions. It’s made by grinding rice soaked overnight into a paste or by using rice flour instead and mixing in ingredients like ghee, sugar, and cardamom. The batter is then poured in a circular shape into hot oil to cook. Sel roti is cooked in bulk and distributed to people during festivals, weddings, parties, etc.


Mandazi is a deep-fried pouch bread originated from Swahili Coast. This dish is very convenient to make and can be served with any local food or homemade dips. It has a sweet taste that can be differentiated with the addition of different ingredients. This puffy fried bread is popular in East Africa and Zanzibar, as a snack or part of breakfast. Triangular in shape, mandazi is prepared with flour, cardamom, dry yeast or baking powder, and milk or coconut milk and then is fried. It’s sometimes served with bharazi, a dish of pigeon peas in coconut sauce.

Bolas de Fraile

It is a German donut made with yeast dough fried in oil and served along with marmalade or a jam filling. This Argentinian donut’s name has some interesting translations, including “Friar’s Balls” and “Balls of Weakness”. This round dough ball is dusted with sugar and also has a filling, usually dulce leche; it’s thought that bolas de fraile is based on a German donut called the Berliner. It is a jelly donut that is usually sprinkled with powdered sugar.


A Churro is a type of fried dough that is from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. They come in different forms- thin, knotted, long, or thick. They can be enjoyed as a breakfast or snack and are usually served with a chocolate dip and hot chocolate. Many theories are revolving around the origin of Churros. Hence, the story about its beginning is a bit murky. They are fried until they have a crunchy texture and sometimes maybe sprinkled with sugar. Churros are one of the deserts that can be made easily at home.


Bomboloni is a part of the pastry family. It is an Italian-filled donut that can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert along with a cup of coffee. This pastry is also called ‘bomba’ literally meaning a bomb- could be referred to the high-calorie density of this dessert. This is a jelly donut that is made completely round with a filling of custard, jam, or cream. This is made with a soft yeast dough, fried, rolled in powdered sugar, and filled with the filling of your choice. If you ever go on a trip to Italy then you should try Bomboloni, it’s a must!


The Afrikaner variation is braided, cooked in hot oil, then immersed in a cold syrup, giving it a crispy and sweet texture. The other is a Cape Malay spiced pastry that’s more cake-like and round with a shredded coconut dusting.


These Austrian apricot jam donuts are similar to Berliners and are often enjoyed as a special treat during Vienna’s carnival season.

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