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Rizzle is the new town for video creators!

Have you ever wondered why people create videos? When I came across this question I dwelled on it for a while and thought about social media, mass communication, and about discovering something new and expressing our inner world to the outside world and I felt like people who make these wonderful and out of the box videos are trying to show something unusual and different.

If sharing pictures was a trend a couple of years ago then sharing videos is now. In recent times, we have seen people from all over the world create these videos which were conceptualized and scripted by them. These videos are entertaining. Gone are the days when you had to watch some minutes-long videos for laughs. Now you just have to scroll through your phone, and you will get to see entertaining videos one after another.

This new wave of trends has created a market for short video apps. We saw a sudden surge in the number of platforms that were created for people who wanted to be a part of this trend and also for the people who simply wanted to enjoy the content served to them. Hence, we come across a short video app every often, but among these, there are very few apps dedicated to catering to the needs of the content creators and content viewers.

Rizzle is the most innovative short video app that is dedicated to giving a creative journey to its users, where they have the freedom and resources to discover their creative outlet.

Why Should You Rizzle?

Rizzle is a short video app where people can talk and create videos about anything. No judgment!
The name ‘Rizzle’ got inspired by the word sizzle reel, which means a short promotional video. Every video on Rizzle stands to promote its creators.
At the forefront of short videos, Rizzle connects with its viewers through its ever-evolving original content. Any small-time creator has the potential to grow huge with millions of views on Rizzle! Thus, every Rizzler on the app is a creator!

Apart from a plethora of reasons which distinguish Rizzle from other video platforms, one major reason would be Rizzle’s goal of always creating and innovating something new for the users which can define the next big thing happening on the Internet. This important value makes Rizzlers happy about being a part of this journey. Rizzle always encourages its users to be the owner of their content and creation. It also aligns with the core intention of the app:

Start Your Own Show.

The content on Rizzle is authentic and relatable, which establishes a special bond among the creators. The aim is to empower people to have dialogues on topics they strongly believe via ‘video responses.’
As a community-sponsored platform, Rizzlers enjoy a positively uplifting creator journey along with like-minded users.

Enhance Video Making with Exclusive Features


With Titan, you can bend the rules of creativity. This latest feature by Rizzle is AL-ML powered, which involves automatic body extraction, shrinking, enlarging of objects, and more. Creators can defy the laws of nature and challenge the notion of dimension and size. With Titan, you can shrink to be as small as an ant or become as big as an elephant. Titan is a feature that truly stands with limitless potential!


Would you believe it if I say that editing is possible with just one touch?! Yes, because Rizzle made it happen. After months of research and development, our team managed to build a groundbreaking feature that lets you edit basic videos in a snap. With Filmi, you need not use any editing app because Filmi will add the Bollywood spice to your videos. No editing is needed!


If there is any platform out there that makes the process of video making simple, it is Rizzle. And Templates is one such exemplary feature that encourages you to create videos with comfort. With Templates you can share stories using the wonderful pictures sitting in your phone’s gallery and build a narrative that’s very personal and special to you. Make videos on Rizzle with your favorite on the amazing Templates!


Rimix is the world’s first video mixing feature that lets you create mashups of content by your favorite creators or by yourself! You can create a mashup using 2 to 5 videos within a matter of a few seconds. With Rimix you can create unique videos that are up to your liking!

Collab With Memes

Do you know how stories are never complete without an ending? Well, Collabs are stories and memes that need a twist. And the ones who can add the twist to the story are the creators. If you love Memes then Collab With Memes is just for you. Bring out your funny or sarcastic side by creating a video on the preexisting meme templates on the Rizzle app and add your hilarious response or twist to it. It’s never too late to have fun!

Green Screen

This feature will add life to your videos. It will let you travel all around the world or any imaginary world like Game Of Thrones, Hogwarts, and more. This feature brings endless opportunities to the creators in terms of creativity and adds more options to try new ideas!


We all have something to say, be it politics, memes, global warming, or even a selfie. Now with the picture-in-picture feature, do just that and more. Share the story behind that awkward selfie, show your new game scorecard or talk about the latest news, PIP makes it extra easier for you to be heard loud and clear on Rizzle!


Make your videos more fun, and your short series more interesting with just one tap! Give your viewers an entertaining visual experience using the Visual effects on the Rizzle app. And use filters to set the perfect mood for your videos. Boost your content using the awesome collection of filters available on Rizzle.
Yes, we know that making videos is an art and a well-timed sound effect can help you take it up a notch. So jazz up your videos with an assortment of fun and easy-to-use sound effects and enhance your viewers’ experience!

Contests For Creative Outlet

Rizzle is known for its contests. It’s the place where you get the chance to show your creativity to the world. There are contests for just about everything- series, acting, dance, fashion, and much more! Participate in the contest of your liking and show it to your audience. Currently, Rizzle runs Rizzle Music League contests every month. You can groove to the trendiest songs of your favorite actors here. With the Rizzle 360 contest, you can create a program that focuses on news, opinions, pop culture, and more. If you like acting then the Rizzle Series is for you. It’s a contest that focuses on bringing out the filmmaking talent you never knew you had. Collabs contests are about video creation while teaming up. There are also many internal contests available on the app.

Discover your creative outlet with Rizzle. Be it hosting your talk shows, having conversations on something that matters, showing off your fashion, vlogging about your life, and so on. Take a chance and join the contests that pique your interests and unleash your creativity.
So go ahead, start creating, connecting, and engaging on Rizzle!

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