Young Adult Series To Binge On Rizzle

Romantic Series Everyone Must Watch On Rizzle

Presenting the best young adult series to binge on Rizzle

We all know the features of a thrilling, young adult series include romance, heartbreak, comedy, young wild characters, life lessons, emotions, etc. This article brings you the best young adult series presented by Rizzle.

Here are the top young adult series to watch now:

Hostel Wali Diwali


Hostel Wali Diwali by Alright is an absolute entertainer by the famous actors. The story revolves around Madhav who is left alone at the hostel on Diwali, but to his surprise, his two hostel besties cancel their plan of going to their homes and come back to celebrate with him. Watch out how these three will party hard and have a ton of fun.

Cast and Characters:

  1. Abhinav Anand as Rakul
  2. Aashqeen as Madhav
  3. Pavan Sabharwal as Nishant

True Love Story


True love story by Sumesh is a fun-filled series with an unexpected twist. Have you ever experienced what true love is or how it feels to go on a first date? Well, get ready to watch this series with all its twists and turns.


  1. Sumesh
  2. Poonam Raheja

The Female Bestie


There’s love in friendship, and there’s friendship in love. ‘The Female Bestie’ explores what happens when the two start to blend together. Bhavesh is in love with his best friend Payal, whom he has known forever. They do everything together and have a playfully snarky friendship. Unable to confess his love for her out of fear of ruining their friendship, Bhavesh decides to gradually distance himself from Payal. Naturally, this doesn’t rub off well with her. What happens next is for you to find out! ‘The Female Bestie’ reminds you of how innocent and beautiful young love is.

Produced By:

Hum Tum Official

Complicated Relationship


This series by Rayalaseema Thopugadu is a 4.5 star rated series. This is a cute, yet complicated love story. Watch this adorable couple who are possessive about each other in their 10-year relationship.


  1. Umar Thopuraju
  2. Vaishnavi

Aakhri Dinner


This one is a binge-worthy series that stars popular YouTubers Angry Prash and Funcho. This series is about 4 gamers that are devastated by the PUBG ban in India. Watch it to know what happens in this hysterical tale of 4 PUBG obsessed friends.

Produced by:


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