Cats vs. Dogs: Which is the ultimate pet?

cats vs dogs

We’ve been at this debate for eons. Which of these furry friends is the ultimate pet? Well, both are fuzzy and warm, offer comfort and companionship to our human souls that crave it. The world may abandon us but these beautiful creatures will fill those empty spaces with joy and a sense of belonging.
It’s funny how despite both felines and our canine pets help fulfill the same purpose, they’ve been pitted against each other. But then again they’ve been famously portrayed in pop culture for not getting along with each other. There are several cases that oppose this sentiment in all its entirety.

Below is a list of things you should consider when deciding on the ultimate pet.

Clingy vs Space

Dogs are affectionate creatures and crave your attention as much as possible. They are extremely touchy-feely and will never give up a chance to throw themselves at you, shower you with hugs and kisses. They literally have no concept of personal space. And this is really wonderful because they tend to sense your mood and will try their best to cheer you up on bad days. But there will be times when you just want to be left alone and dogs may not get that point.
Cats on the other hand are extremely intuitive and intelligent. They like their independence and don’t really seek that much attention. But they can give the best cuddles and will keep you thoroughly entertained with their purring and expressions when you want to play with them. They understand the concept of space pretty well and thus will not really bother you unless you want to be!


Dogs are expensive pets. From leashes to collars to their poop disposal, to their cleanliness, dogs will cost you. Until they are potty trained (which takes a long time), you’re in for a lot of cleaning. It’s scientifically proven that they are extremely unclean and need a lot of grooming which is expensive. They also want to go for long walks outdoors and play fetch. If you’re back home after a long day, your dog will still want you to walk it. You literally cannot risk leaving them home alone unless you want your home to look straight out of a zombie apocalypse movie.
Cats, on the other hand, are super independent and know how to take care of themselves well. The only thing you need to worry about is clean the litter box. They like to keep themselves clean and constantly preen their fur on their own. They take little space and will play with you when you want inside your home. You can leave them home for days without having to worry about their safety. They are self-sufficient in that way.


Dogs are proactive companions. They protect, play, and comfort you. They are super intelligent and learn new tricks easily. They are super athletic and energetic and you won’t have to worry about your fitness if you have a hyperactive dog. They have a seventh sense which they use to warn their owners of imminent harm by another person.
Cats, too, are extremely intelligent. They, however, are not that keen on physical activity. They will however blow you away with their cognitive skills. They are quick learners and process new information by observation and assess new scenarios with exceptional episodic memory.
With almost double the neurons compared to a dog’s average 160 million neurons, it’s safe to assume dogs are the brawn of this equation, with cats being the brains.


It does make sense to acknowledge that both cats and dogs do serve their roles of pets in very different ways. And most importantly it is your personality that matters when choosing a suitable pet.
Dogs are tailor-made for extroverts who love to go out and mingle. Cats on the contrary are perfect for introverts who want to be understood and need their space.

What’s your take on this debate? Is it pups or kitties for you? Tell us on Rizzle!

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