Rizzle Series: V-Day Special

Series to watch on Valentine's Day

Short series about love, relationships, and everything romantic! Indulge!

It’s the season of love! While some of you have plans with your partners, most of us have to make do with our own company and romantic movies. While the classics remain timeless, Rizzle brings you some fresh, never-before-seen short series about love, relationships, and everything romantic! Indulge!

Types of Couples

Sure, being single can get lonely sometimes. But have you ever seen a couple and their shenanigans and thanked your stars that you’re not them? Exactly! Types of Couples has super fun and relatable one-minute episodes of the different…well, types of couples out there. And almost each and every one of them will leave you feeling grateful for your freedom and solitude!

Love Guru

We’re all familiar with that one friend in every group who is so good at relationship advice that you wonder why they don’t get paid for it. Love Guru is a series about one such man, with wisdom beyond pickup lines and solitary roses. He’s a famed love expert and every hopeless romantic’s ray of hope. Watch his tips and tricks come to fruition, or not, in this hilarious show!

One Side Love

Unrequited love is hands down the most painful of all. Being friends with that special someone only makes it worse. The protagonist of One Side Love is in love with a girl he has known for a long time but doesn’t seem to be able to confess it to her. He chooses to spend time with her over friends, family, and everything else. The girl is completely oblivious to this, and thus begins his emotional struggle.

Love Is Blind

Love is patient, love is kind, but love is also blind! When you’re madly in love, you tend to overlook all the shortcomings in your partner. The protagonist of this series takes advantage of this concept and proceeds to two-time with his girlfriend. He’s so manipulative that his girlfriend overlooks all evidence. Will he be found out? Will she realize that she was being played? Watch the series to find out!

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