Celebrities On Rizzle: Chandni Bhagwanani

Celebrities On Rizzle: Chandni Bhagwanani

Well well, there was a little rumor going around Twitter the other day that celebrities are now Rizzlin’.
What do you know, this is one of those rumors that’s actually true!
So stoked to see Chandni Bhagwanani on Rizzle, she is a brilliant actress who has starred in Tollywood films and is also an Indian Television actress who has been touching hearts from cinema halls to the TV screens in our cozy home.

All of our experiences during this lockdown obviously differ from each other but Chandni has been living in Australia since the beginning of the lockdown period and has been away from home for quite a while. She is spending her time learning how to cook and dance from YouTube and playing UNO and Monopoly with her housemates.

Like all the kids from the 90s’, Chandni was a fan of the Shakalaka BoomBoom show when she was 6, and with Madhuri Dixit and Alia Bhatt being her favorite actors, her love for acting eventually branched out into a career when she started auditioning in Noida and later on delivering amazing performances in Amita Ka Amit and Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi. Her fans love her for who she is and her most memorable present was a handmade painting she received from a fan in Rajasthan. She is definitely a kind-hearted person as she hopes to be remembered for her performance, her down-to-earth personality instilled by her parents.

As the saying goes, ‘When in Quarantine, Work out!’ and she definitely keeps up with that by night runs, taking strolls at the park, and shopping. When in quarantine you also need to stay loved by surrounding yourself with your loved ones. Chandni does that by connecting with her family, friends, and fans.

At a time like this, connecting with people is also an act of love. She understands this and has also joined Rizzle to connect with her fans more vividly. She is quite excited about this new platform and plans to create some marvelous content for her fans. Exploring with ideas like daily life, beauty tips, and skincare. To get to know her more, connect with her on Rizzle!

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