Celebrities On Rizzle: Karan Sharma Edition

Celebrities On Rizzle: Karan Sharma Edition

Yes, you heard it right… Karan Sharma is now on Rizzle!

There are a lot of handsome hunks in the TV industry with impeccable talents and grandeur. One such talent that can light up an entire city with his smile is Karan Sharma. He has been on the Indian television scene for some time and has played some amazing roles in popular TV serials like “Ekk Nayi Pehchaan,” “Mohi,” and “Pyaar Ka Bandhan.” With skills like dancing and acting, we will only see more of Karan Sharma in TV series and movies.

The lockdown has been a weird time for everyone, and Karan is spending time with his family, looking after his pets, focusing on new experiences, doing household chores, and exercising because that body does not make itself. Karan didn’t start with the acting department, he was a singer for a short time before moving on to mimicry, school plays, and gradually translating into professional acting. Karan’s biggest inspiration growing up and still is Amitabh Bachchan.

Celebrities get a lot of love and gifts from fans, and Karan is also no stranger to that. One of his fans from London registered a star on his name (like a literal star) and now we have two stars both named Karan Sharma.

The lockdown has spiked a surge in the usage of social media features like live chats by many celebrities and Karan can also be seen to be very active in his social media presence. Despite the COVID situation, he maintains his connection with his fans still through social media. This is why Karan has recently joined Rizzle and he feels that Rizzle has so much potential to become one of the ‘it’ video-making apps today. He really likes the “real talent, original content, and no quality compromise” feature of Rizzle.

Karan has created his own channel on Rizzle where he talks about life thoughts, his life experiences, some interesting facts about him, and also other tips which can be helpful for fans and other aspiring actors. He became an instant hit on Rizzle gaining an astonishing 19.2k followers and 128.5k views in less than 48 hours, once again proving that he has the quality to win hearts everywhere. So, follow him on Rizzle to get a closer glimpse at Karan Sharma’s life and his latest updates. You can follow him on Rizzle by clicking on this link.

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