Celebrities On Rizzle: Roshni Kapoor Edition

Celebrities On Rizzle: Roshni Kapoor

Fashionista and actress, Roshni Kapoor is now on Rizzle!

With over a whopping 1.1 million followers on Instagram, Roshni Kapoor is very beloved to her fans for her uplifting and positive presence on social media. Building a career on social media is no small feat, and this fashion diva has made it! She has several prestigious awards to her name: The Best Youth Icon 2019, Gold Awards 2019 by VNWC, Women Achievement Award by Woman TV 2018, Best Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Award 2018 by Star Awards, Women Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 by Rotary Club, The Role Model Of The Year 2020, Rahi Kadam Prerna Award 2019 and the recent Most Stylish Diva of India 2020 by Cinema Aaj Tak! However, she continues to work harder than before and continues to reach new heights.

When we asked the fashionista about her journey so far and what inspires her, she said, “Anything that is growing and positive. I love to meet new people and explore new projects learning what best I can perceive from them to transform my own self. If you contribute, you inspire me.” And when asked about the biggest hurdle she faced along the way, she said, “There can be many factors which resist you in achieving goals but all you have to do is to accept and learn and overcome them….everything becomes easy when you become tough.” And to that, we say- Amen, sister! Sustaining the success one achieves is also a part of the long-term journey, and when we asked Ms. Kapoor how she maintains her fashionista persona she said it’s easy for her because fashion is her passion. She works hard and makes sure to work out regularly, eat a healthy diet, and remembers to “love (yourself) in every look”. And we couldn’t agree more, confidence takes a person a long way.

Talking about her role model, Roshni very proudly declared, “My mother! Oh yes, it’s definitely her. She molded me into who I am today. Whatever good that I have turned out to be is simply because of her. I grew up watching my advocate mother ferociously handle law and order, and simultaneously be a warm and nurturing figure at home. The way she balanced both still amazes me….until her last day, she stood by me, and following her made me learn many important lessons in life. Miss you and definitely proud to be your daughter, MA!”

When asked how she would describe herself, she said, “I would happily describe myself as someone who never believes refraining from work you love just out of sheer doubts. I swear by the quote “Don’t be afraid of doing what you really want to do because you have the power beyond realization”. Punctuality and preparation are the two most inseparable embodiments I bear.”
“And yes! My endeavors surround anything and everything under the sun,” she adds with a chuckle.

We asked her what her fans could expect to see on her new Rizzle account, and she has promised an exclusive look into behind the scenes of her shoots, outfit trials, and all things candid! And the interview came to an end, she has a lovely message for her fans and followers, “Never announce your moves before you make them- my ultimate mantra for life. You should always believe in yourself, you deserve to accomplish your goals. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are because you are powerful, brilliant, and brave! Love, Roshni.”

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