Top Celebrity Break-ups that Broke Fans’ Hearts

Top Celebrity Break-ups that Broke Fans' Hearts

How celebrity break-ups lowkey impacted pop culture.

Now with time, fans are used to their favorites ‘Uncoupling’ as a part of their fan life. However, we cannot just forget about these breakups that broke our hearts at that time.

Here are the top celebrity break-ups that broke fans’ hearts:

David Dobrik and Liza Kosha

The entertainment powerhouse duo that took over the Internet with first their vine clip and then their short-form YouTube channels. With David’s spontaneous fast-paced 4:20 mins long vlogs and Liza’s supermarket visits, the two redefined what “couple goals” meant in our social media age, and created a special place in the hearts of millions of people. So it’s not a surprise that their break-up announcement video on their YouTube channel froze the Internet for a day and broke all those millions of hearts.


The sleek stylish Hollywood couple who normalized adopting as many kids as their heart pleased, were seen as the epitome of celebrity love birds not that long ago. The types that seem like they were made for each other. When the pair first came to light, it felt so obvious that the smart, dashing and extremely talented Brad Pitt would fall in love with the gorgeous, equally talented beauty Angelina Jolie. How could they not?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

The Malibu beauty and the Australian hunk first got together on the sets of ‘The Last Song’, their first movie, and since they have been on a journey of an on and off relationship until they were officially married in 2018 but later separated in 2020. This broke many hearts that were rooted for them to be together forever.
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth officially unfollowed each other!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

The young couple was still in their teens when they got together, and it took no time for their relationship to get splashed all over magazines and news. The young bubbly Disney girl was dating a younger, but one of the most famous pop stars in the entire world, Justin Bieber. Every single up and down through their relationship was observed and reported closely by the paparazzi for years until they finally separated for good. Their breakup was very difficult to digest for their combined fan bases, who shipped them really hard.

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