Censorship On Video Platforms

A boon or a bane?

The word ‘censorship’ has acquired a negative connotation in recent times. Especially in the area of video platforms. It has become synonymous with curbing people’s freedom to express themselves. This is true in many cases. However, one cannot deny that a set of guidelines for content sharing is absolutely necessary.

Here are 3 main reasons why censorship is important.

  1. Catering to all users: While video platforms should allow their users to express themselves through their content, it is also the said platform’s responsibility to make sure the user base (especially the younger ones) is protected from sensitive content.
  2. Keeping hate speech and other harmful content in check: Censorship helps curb and prevent content that may contain universally offensive and harmful elements that may be derogatory to a race, gender, religion, or a community.
  3. Protects intellectual property: Video platforms like YouTube and Rizzle have opened up avenues for artists to share their art, and their copyright rules massively help artists keep their work from being duplicated or taken advantage of.

So, it would be fair to say that censorship is really a boon when implemented correctly. Share your thoughts about this on Rizzle.

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