Christmas content ideas to spruce up this festive season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! There is truly something magical about the days leading up to Christmas. Did you know, according to Google Trends, the volume of the search keyword “Christmas” almost reached peak popularity in November 2021 compared to last year? That has to count for something, right? The crisp air, hot chocolate mornings, Christmas movie marathons, and binge eating really make up the whole Christmas spirit. Hence, it is only right to capture all these activities and put them out there in the form of Christmas content for the world to see. 

The past few years have seen a spike in content consumption in the form of videos. Today, everything has a video attached to it. Before diving right into ideas that you can leverage to spruce up your Christmas videos, let us understand the format of video consumption that is the reigning king of video formats.

People have come a long way from the era of the “What I got for Christmas” videos that tend to be over 30 minutes long. Today, short videos have taken over our lives!. People have become highly creative with the way they present their content. With only a few seconds to really engage the audience, creators on these platforms have clearly proved that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to creative expression. 

Christmas Content – The short video edition

Gone are the days when Christmas videos were synonymous with just choppy handycam recordings of you clad in scrappy Christmas pajamas taken by your parents. Although those videos are still nostalgic and heartwarming, Christmas content has gone through its own evolution.

Did you know, Christmas content dates back to the early YouTube days. During those days, people would film themselves opening their presents and doing a “What I got for Christmas” video. YouTubers would even leverage the Christmas season to participate in Vlogmas and casually film the hustle-bustle around! 

Today, Christmas content is slightly different. With short videos becoming the primary format of content consumption, there are a few ways to leverage such platforms and hop on the Christmas bandwagon. Here are a few ideas to consider while creating your Christmas-themed content. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get rolling!

DIY Christmas decor

What is Christmas without its decor. Beautiful trees, ornaments, Christmas wreaths, and a million lights bring it all together. In other words, Christmas decor is the most significant contributing factor to the whole season aesthetic and the wholesome feeling. Instead of buying your decor, why not DIY your way through the season? Not only is this an environment-friendly option and lighter on your wallet, but it also makes up for great Christmas content. 

It’s time to bring out the artist in you and create easy ‘do-it-yourself’ Christmas decorations that are simple to follow along with and quick to make. Here’s another idea – you can even show different ways of decorating your Christmas tree with DIY ornaments in a small personalized series. Each day can be another addition to your tree or short tutorials on how to craft your way through Christmas. 

DIY Christmas wrapping paper 

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about any festival is the plethora of gifts that you receive. If you are someone that appreciates a well-packaged gift and often saves the wrapping paper; in that case, this idea is probably right up your alley. Wrapping gifts with sustainable or handmade paper is quite appealing and creative. You can paint over your handmade paper or even resort to collecting leftover paper scraps and develop your unique and environment-friendly alternative. You can showcase your creations via tutorials which can help you engage your audience by subsequently producing content using their inputs. Tutorials for wrapping papers, DIY Christmas cards, and more are quirky and visually pleasing.

Christmas Hacks 

Who doesn’t love a good hack? Tis’ the season of giving back to people. What’s better than to make someone’s life easier with a few hacks. Some ingenious and interesting hacks are sure to grab people’s attention. Easy tips and tricks are honestly mind-blowing and exciting to watch. Creating a few simple hacks for the Christmas season will surely keep you in your viewers’ following. An example of a great Christmas hack would be spray painting a standard green Christmas tree with a touch of white spray paint or even some glitter. This would give it that expensive feel without burning a hole in your pocket. 

You can even look at simple food-based hacks or simple household hacks that might come in handy this festive season. Another rather weird but life-changing hack is adding a dash of vodka instead of water while baking your pie crust. This hack will yield the flakiest pie crust and surely impress those consuming the pie. Creating a video on your favorite practical hacks is sure to strike a chord with your viewers. Who knows? You might even end up saving someone from a Christmas disaster! 

Christmas Recipe 

Tis’ the season to grow a belly without feeling guilty. While your new years’ resolutions might include hitting the gym, leave the Christmas season to stimulate those taste buds. Christmas is synonymous with food. For example, rum cake, chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate, indulgent goodies, mulled wine, eggnog… the list is endless! Quick Christmas recipe ideas are sure to tune your tastebuds and engage your users with mouth-watering delicacies they can share with their friends and family. Here’s another thought, you can even make your own hot chocolate bombs and some DIY Christmas-themed foam art on your lattes. They are a visual treat and highly indulgent. 

Oh, now that we are on the topic of recipes for Christmas, why don’t you check out this blog, take inspiration from it, and shoot a video for your audience?. Also, here are some tips on how you can enhance your video creation experience with the help of mobile add-ons. Just putting out recipes of mouth-watering food is not enough nowadays. The quality of the videos that you shoot also plays a huge role.

Christmas Makeup Looks

Everyone loves dabbling in a little bit of makeup. Makeup is essentially art that you can use to express yourself. If you are passionate about your makeup looks, this idea is perfect for you. For instance, you can do a quick makeup tutorial for beginners or shoot a video on perfecting a new year party look. You can even play around with fun eye looks. Christmas-themed eyeshadow looks are endless, and your eyes are the perfect canvas to test out some wacky makeup looks. Warm colors, red lipstick, and a dash of gold are the trademark winter colors. They are definitely festive and are sure to resonate with everyone.

Alternatively, if you want to add some quirk to your video, you can even do a Grinch or Rudolf-inspired makeup tutorial. You can even try your hand at ASMR makeup tutorials. If ASMR is the route you want to take, here is a blog you can check out to get some inspiration and tips which will help you perfect your videos. 

Christmas outfit ideas

Want to flaunt your outfit of the day and sleigh into the festive season? Then go right ahead, flaunt your Christmas outfits every day and inspire people! Take this holiday season as an opportunity to let your inner fashionista live their moment. Wondering where you would find the audience for this? Look no further! Rizzle is host to various outfit of the day videos. You can efficiently utilize the array of templates and features available on the app and make it your runway to parade those festive outfit ideas. You can even feature multiple outfit changes or create outfits inspired by Christmas characters and make your videos stand out. 

Christmas Dance videos

Want to get your Christmas groove on? Dance videos are the perfect way to have fun and engage your audience! You can even take inspiration from the infamous jingle bell rock from the movie Mean girls and put your own spin on it. 

Christmas listicles 

Another way of jumping on the bandwagon is by doing simple Christmas listicles. You can pick a theme from a plethora of options available. It can be based around holiday gift ideas, exciting things to do this festival season, and more. You can even share your list of favorite comfort Christmas movies, such as Home Alone, which would go great with that hot chocolate mentioned earlier. 

Now that you have a couple of ideas up your sleeve, what are you waiting for? You, too, can create your own Christmas-themed content and download Rizzle to start your creator journey today! 

At Rizzle, there are Christmas-themed templates, a catalog of Christmas songs, Christmas prompts, and the various features that will aid you in putting your own festive spin to your videos. You can also use the templates and create a video greeting wishing your loved ones a Merry Christmas and make their day! 

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