The Connection between Viral Music and Viral Videos

Vacation. Concert. Road trip. What do these have in common? It’s probably not what you’re thinking, but it’s close enough. It’s music. Music is everywhere – in trending dances, on dates, and in our hearts. And when music becomes popular, it becomes viral music! 

While virality is relative to every content, what does it mean for music? A video is said to go viral after it becomes popular on the Internet through rampant sharing. For music, it is somewhat the same thing. A song becomes a viral song when it becomes popular on social media and the Internet after many people use it in their videos. 

Whether a video has a dance, a trending question like “Who’s your Celebrity twin?” or a funny meme with Eminem singing, “This looks like a job for me,” there’s almost always a viral song attached. Many songs have gone viral over the last few days, months, and years. But can viral music make a video go viral?

Role of Viral Music in Making Videos Viral

A viral song has the ability to get stuck in your head for quite a long time. Here’s an exercise for you: Finish the lyric “ABCDEF…” We hope you went “GH I love you still, and you know I always will” if you’ve heard both versions. Either way, we’re confident you’ll be singing this for the rest of the day. 

This song has attained popularity among people with freshly broken hearts for very valid reasons. It’s also a great example of how a song can affect the virality of a video. Using catchy and popular music can have a massive positive impact on your video and people will watch it, sometimes just to listen to the music. 

According to Vidya Narayanan, Co-Founder and CEO, Rizzle, 

“Even though it evolved out of an imagined use case, the impact [of popular music on short videos] is much more fundamental than the specific use case of dancing and lip-syncing to music.” 

In the realm of short videos, music has proved to be a vital ingredient. For a creator, it can sometimes be challenging to record audio or afford good sound equipment, but with the option of simply adding viral music, the possibilities are endless. The added advantage of the music being widely known makes it a win-win. 

Music is the backbone of viral videos, as it makes people hum and come back to the video. Music hits people in the subconscious. With the lifestyle that people have these days, music brings happiness in their lives.” says Siddharth Sharma, a Music Composer and Producer. 

Music, when linked to anything, can only make it better! And when it’s viral music, you best believe you’ve got a viral video. 

And It Goes Both Ways…

Videos and short videos are also said to make music viral. There are multiple instances of a song becoming popular just because there was a viral video with the song in it. Here’s an excellent example. Old Town Road. 

This song became a big hit and went on to become the highest certified song ever by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), reaching platinum status in the US 15 times! This record-breaking song indeed is catchy, but how it became famous is a fun story. 

In early 2019, a video meme with Old Town Road playing in the background went viral. This led to the #YeehawChallenge which had videos featuring people transitioning into country clothes. This eventually led to trending dance moves on this song that you can watch here. 

Social media and online platforms are amazing ways to promote your music. It’s also another medium artists go to for inspiration. 

Do you know Gayle? She’s the 17-year old Nashville based singer who wrote the song “ABCEDFU.” She had run out of song ideas, and so she asked her TikTok followers to suggest song ideas. And when a user asked for a song with the alphabet, this viral hit was born. 

Fun fact: The feature image of this song is an actual X-ray of the artist’s broken middle finger! 

How Does the Magic Happen?

Viral videos and viral songs go hand in hand. But how? What’s the magic behind it? While a true magician never reveals his secrets, we’ll let you in on a few. 

Short & Sweet

Viral videos, like on TikTok and Rizzle, are often short, 10-60 second long videos. In this short span, popular music can catch the users’ attention and can get them to engage with the content. This also helps creators recognize the catchy clips of a song to make the most of it. 

Comedy Peak

Many videos go viral because of the sound effects in them. With the rise and appeal of comedy content in the recent decade, there was an evident rise in comedy music and sound effects that go with this content. As we know, comedy tickles everyone’s bones! 

Discover & Search

Viral videos are one of the top ways of discovering new music for anyone. The algorithm of short video platforms is such that it will allow you to be introduced to new videos and thus new music. This can help creators reach more people and come across new ideas and trends. 


Social media is the quickest way to spread word. Once you’re in it, this quicksand will be sure to engulf you in a sea of new content. There’s no escaping the impact virality can have on your video or audio content. 

Many factors affect the virality of a song and video. Some of these factors only reveal themselves when you work on creating content that conquers! So we talked to someone who’s been there! 

Inside Viral Music

A lot of work goes into creating a viral song. There’s a track that has been trending and is turning up the heat on Rizzle! Aaradukayanu. This track has started a wildfire of content that we can’t get enough of! We’ll let you have a taste of it! 

To know what goes into creating a viral track, we had a chat with the composer of the track himself, Tony Tarz

Tony got the idea for the track with the word “Aaradukayanu” trending in Kerala. Keeping this in mind, he created a track with the name and added his own twist to it to lead it to virality. 

Here’s one of the trending videos made using the track! 

In today’s day and age, virality is hard to achieve, and viral moments are rare to find. So how did Tony find the potential for a viral track in Aaradukayanu? Here’s what he had to say.

“Virality is very difficult in 2022 because all varieties of content are already available, and it is at a saturation point. People need different content. Dialogue remix is still a new thing for the audience, so it has the potential to attract a mass audience.” 

Viral Music of 2021

It’s impossible not to have fun while talking about viral music. So here’s a list of songs that went viral in 2021 that you can listen to! 

Even if you might not know the actual lyrics to this one, we’re sure you’ll hum along to Kaccha Badaam! 

Cradles is a song that is known for its music. And these rad transitions just make it better!

This love song has taken over our hearts for all the right reasons, and it became the well-loved #RaatanLambiyan trend.

Have you heard “Manike Mage Hithe”? This song is sure to unlock a memory from 2021. 

Here’s our latest one – #BannaRe 

What’s the Future of Viral Music?

The appeal and charm of viral music are apparent, but what’s next? How will viral music be incorporated explicitly in short videos? The answer’s simple. Short videos carry a lot of potential with incorporating popular music. 

Music is fluid, and it can calibrate itself to any genre. It can be used in comedy, transition, lipsync, series, and dance videos. This can prove to be incredibly helpful in the area of short videos. 

“Short songs are the next big thing!” says Siddharth, and we couldn’t agree more!

Soon we’ll find music especially accustomed to short videos. This short music will make room for more genres and unique video content, as rightly acknowledged by Aadi Arora, Composer and Record Producer. He believes that if a song has a strong story, a beautiful melody, and is sung with soul, people would hear it and use it. 

This opens doors for creators as well as users. We’ll definitely be waiting excitedly for the day, just like Aadi, 

“I predict that we’re heading into a future where [short video] apps would be open to all genres, moods, and music speeds, which would be up to the creator, of how they love to express or represent themselves.”

Viral music is the base of a strong viral video, and a viral video can make it exceedingly effortless to make a song well-known. This connection can establish a creator and drive their audience to always return to their content. If you’re one who gets hooked on viral songs easily, let us know which song stayed with you the longest in the comments below!

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