Fictional Male Characters Worth Drooling Over

cool male characters

As humans, we’ve always been drawn to the concept of heroes. And as a straight female, I can totally vouch that there are some fictional men whom we’d love for them to actually exist. Even if they don’t (unfortunately), thanks to our ingenious minds and live-action movies & telly adaptations, such heartthrobs do be fictionally living and breathing!

Here’s a list of uber-cool male protagonists you’d be a fool to not swoon over!

Jason Bourne

Spy? Check.
Will kill you if you touch a hair on his girl? Check.
Loyal to the very end? Check.
Doesn’t need high-end gadgets like some other spies? Check.
Wanted and misunderstood? Check.
One of the perfect fictional spies to have ever been incepted. The story starts with an undercover American intelligence agent suffering from amnesia during a mission and trying to regain his memory whilst simultaneously being chased by the bad guys and his own government, who think he’s gone rogue! The story is heart-wrenchingly beautiful and spans over 10 books and 5 movies! The fact that Matt Damon played him was a match made in heaven! Bourne book fans and movie buffs adore his ability to disarm and kill with a mere piece of wood, unlike some other spies who have next-gen gadgetry and intelligence at their disposal.
If you’ve been obsessing over some other unworthy fictional spy characters, you will rue the day your favorites come face to face with this powerful machine!

Geralt of Rivia

No one could ever resist a misunderstood pariah with a perfectly sculpted face and uber-sexy figure with the ability to slay monsters! The popular novel and game character from the Witcher finally made it to the live screen with Netflix. And boy, oh boy, did Superman Henry Cavill absolutely nail the role. He was born to play Geralt, the Witcher! Strong armed with only his muscles and a strange power due to his mutated being, this fictional character will be sure to blow your socks away in all his avatars: the books, the game, and of course, the TV adaptation!

Finn from Star Wars

This young man won hearts across the globe. Created to step into the huge boots of the iconic Han Solo, Finn does a wonderfully heartwarming job at that. John Boyega shot to fame with this charismatic and lively character. Finn’s is a story of realization, redemption, and growth from underdog to leader of the new Star Wars chapter!

Aragorn from Lord of the Rings

A man of his word, even though those words are seldom spoken but yet so full of prowess and inspiration. A total nobody who rises to be the King of Middle Earth! A warrior second to none, with a smile full of pain who finally fulfills a destiny that burdened him for a long, long time. Aragorn of Gondor was one of those leaders who followed without question and inspired others through his actions more than his words. His was a tale of kinship, trust, and destiny that was so wonderfully portrayed by a true gentleman of an actor, aka Viggo Mortensen. Though he was not the titular character of the series, Aragorn rose to the top from being an outsider and captured the hearts of readers and viewers alike with his elegant performances and scenes. If you’re not convinced, look at those movie sequences where he summons and leads the Army of the Dead to battle. Oh, and that brilliant and eloquent speech at the onset of the final battle!

Thomas Shelby of the Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy. If that alone isn’t enough to have you hooked line and sinker, then you’ve got to get yourself tested for sanity. Full of grit and wit, a gangster turned politician will have left Al Pacino tossing in his grave. This man will charm your socks off, and his absolute finesse will leave you bewildered and amused at the same time. The entire character of Thomas Shelby is so uniquely tasteful; it’s almost like an addiction. You can never stop wanting more of his strategically devious ingenuity!

T’Challa, King of Wakanda

The Black Panther of the MCU’s Avengers, this superhero has that something extra. Something everything to him! It’s not just his powers of speed and athleticism that are insanely attractive but even his story. And umm, the whole presence and aura of Chadwick Boseman in this role are so superior and powerful. The man literally radiates royalty and sophistication. He has the element of swag and an aura of elegance about him. Plus, those action sequences are icing on the cake. T’Challa is just one superior dude!

John Wick

Keanu Reeves. That should be reason enough!
He’s edgy, he’s crazy, and he’s just about had enough of the world’s bullshit. A guy who wants to be left alone to do his thang and brood but is never obliged. What do you get? Insanity, anger, and a whole lot of gruesome. I don’t know how to say this, but there is just something else about watching Keanu Reeve KO-ing some fools who actually thought they had a chance. You’d think no man could look good whilst being tired? You’re mistaken. That haggard and I’m so done with the world face of his is so unnervingly attractive. If things are looking down for you, watch John Wick. I can promise you; it’ll be a hell of a ride!


If you thought Korean men only exist to be cute, you couldn’t be more wrong! An anonymous, self-operating night courier who takes up only high-end and high-paying jobs online. Sound mysterious enough? Ji Chang Wook is a name on every K-drama enthusiast’s tongue. This uber-cool character has won hearts across the globe with his phenomenal duality. One moment, he’s cool as a knife and will take down a group of scoundrels easily with his ninja skills, and the next thing you know, he’s killing you with his insanely cute dorkiness as an undercover rookie reporter. His story is sad, and fate brings him back to confront his past. The most beautiful part is his vulnerability. This is something not every cool male can pull off. But Ji Chang Wook’s Healer is one of those precious few individuals who’d make male vulnerability so appealing. “Healer” is an absolute gem of a character with several fresh layers!


How many of the world’s billionaires would ever think of vigilantism or even using their power and resources to right the wrongs of the world? None. Batman is different, though. That broody personality aside, his ideals of not letting any other person undergo the same suffering he went through as a child is beautiful. In a world full of gods and metahumans, this human is a character that utilizes all his resources most efficiently. There is something oddly sexy about that. His mind is dangerously shrewd, and the fact that he uses it for good and isn’t afraid to do the dirty laundry to save the face of his other boy scout superhero friends makes him stand apart. That entire gray area that almost makes people wonder if he is a hero or antihero is interesting. Our case is not helped when people like Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson play this iconic DC hero!

Dexter Morgan

Could a serial killer be attractive? Well, we live in uncertain times. And calling Dexter a serial killer is not really right. Technically he is. But the fact that he only and only very methodically eliminated only the worst dredges of society in that chemically precise manner is a feat worth marveling at. Of course, he has his own tragic backstory that makes his story even more intriguing. The very fact that he masks his intensity and emotionless personality by being the sweetest person to everyone shows that he tries hard to connect. The fact that he is the sweetest father and co-worker during the day to a calculating butcher of criminals during the night is somewhat terrifyingly awesome! Dexter Morgan is not your average cool guy. He’s next-level absurd, and that is just freaking cool!

Go ahead, tell us who’s that hero that should have made this list!

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