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Live baby octopus (yes, you heard that right), or sannakji is a Korean delicacy that Mukbangers have been raring at since forever. It consists of baby octopuses served fresh from the water to your table whilst they are still squirming. In most cases (especially if they are bigger specimens), they are cut into bite-sized pieces to prevent potential choking hazards. But sometimes, as shown in the video above, nakji enthusiasts like to eat them whole. The dish is served with some tasty sesame oil and seeds. Some places even serve it with chili sauce for people wanting to make the experience even more thrilling. South Koreans best describe this delicacy as the perfect complement to soju. The taste is defined by many to be fresh, ocean-like, chewy and yes, be prepared to have the octopuses’ suckers pull on your cheeks and mouth.


Gejang or the marinated raw crab is yet another South Korean seafood delicacy. The Michelin guide describes this dish to be crab, rendered sublime due to the exotic nature of its taste. It’s even known as the rice thief because apparently, people forget the amount of rice they stuff into when eating gejang.
As demonstrated by Simmy on her Mukbang channel on Rizzle, gejang is basically live or raw horse crabs (preferably females one due to the rich roe they produce) marinated and fermented in a soy and chili marinade for around 2-3 days. Some provinces even let the crab ferment for over as long as a month to bring out the flavors.
Rice as an accompaniment along with gejang. Mukbangers will eat gejang in either of 3 ways: sucking out the tender meat straight out of the shell, or cracking the shell and scooping out the meat and roe over steaming rice, or the most famous method, i.e., placing spoonfuls of rice into the crab’s carapace and mixing the assortment of crabmeat, roe, and rice.


Freshly marinated shrimp or sauejang is a food descendant of the Gejang. The preparation is almost similar, as shown by Simmy on Rizzle. It’s basically fresh shrimp left to marinate in soy and chili mixtures, which is then eaten raw. Again, this dish can be eaten just as is or with rice or perilla leaves to balance the salt/spiciness.

Which of these dishes would you want to try?

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