Creative ways to keep yourself engaged in the lockdown!

How many times in the last few months have you heard someone say, “It’s like we’re in a movie”? Maybe you said it too. These are unreal times and that statement is very true, except it’s not a rosy rom-com or an adventure; it’s straight-up post-apocalyptic!

A horrible virus, sickness all around, people walking around in hazmat suits and face masks are all key elements of a dystopian story. And while the frontline workers and scientists are doing everything they can to treat and get rid of COVID-19, the best way to tackle this pandemic is still to stay home, and social distance. That’s how you can keep yourself and everyone else safe.

So while we’re quarantined at home, either by a state-imposed lockdown or self-quarantine (smart move), and you’re asking yourself what to do to keep yourself engaged, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of fun things to do at home:

1. Let the binge watching fest commence

Do you remember all the great movies and TV shows you had put away to watch another time because life got too busy? It’s their time to shine now! Invest some time into the world of entertainment, watch the classics, the crazy long epic shows, soak in all the storylines. Don’t be afraid to slow down a little and take time out to relax. Catch up with all the Rizzle series you’ve missed! You probably already know this, but there are short series for every mood and in several languages on Rizzle!

2. Cook some yumm

Apart from being an essential life skill, cooking can also be quite therapeutic. Use your time at home to try out new recipes, and don’t back down from experimenting. The wonderful internet has a legion of amazing recipes for a variety of dishes. If you’re a beginner, take it slow with 3-4 ingredient dishes, and work your way up from there. What’s more? You have amazing food to devour at the end of every cooking session! There are only pros here, no cons!

3. Make some art

Paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, make art! Creating something takes your mind off of everything else. It helps you focus all your mental energy on that one art project, and you won’t have the capacity to worry about all the little things you’d generally worry about. Making something is a wonderful form of self-care. And it’s not always about making a masterpiece, it’s about having fun!

4. Read, read, and read some more

Just like the movies, you’ve been archiving a lot of books you’ve wanted to read, haven’t you? Take them out, dust them off, and get reading! It is probably the most productive thing to do when you’re bored. The world of books is vast and wonderful! A million different stories and worlds await you, inspirational lines that can and will help you through crucial moments in life, biographies and autobiographies of extraordinary people- soak all of it in! You may never get time like this to make and complete a reading list!

5. Seize the day with Rizzle

Thank goodness for social media! What would we have done without it, stuck at home like this? From memes to life updates from people we care about, it’s all on there. Besides that, social media platforms are the best way to hone your creativity! Although you’re physically confined to a space, your content on Rizzle can reach millions of people. Share ideas, express your opinions, have meaningful discussions, prank your friends, vlog your lockdown life, even make a short series- the possibilities here are endless. You have a variety of features, editing tools, and music to choose from for your videos. Start building your online presence, you might become the next viral sensation!

6. Burpees are your best friend

If you’ve been putting away working on your body for a while because you have no time, there’s no excuse now! Use your time at home to get back to your workout routine. You don’t have to go to a gym or go out for a run in order to exercise, there are a great number of no-equipment routines available online for you to follow. Be consistent and eat healthily, and you’ll come out of quarantine looking a lot healthier! It’s not always about the looks though; exercise does wonderful things for your mind as well. Fit body, fit mind, a better you!

7. Spend time with your loved ones

If there’s one takeaway from the extraordinary situation we’re in, it’s that we must cherish everything we have. And the people we love must always come first. While you work on yourself and your wellbeing, don’t forget to check in on the people around you. Spend time with your family, play games with them, have chai time gossip sessions, keep the communication going. And if you’re away from home, make sure to call them every day and have a chat. Don’t put off calling and checking in on your friends. Hold on tight to the human relationships you have. When the dust settles, we realize how little we need, how much we actually have, and the value of human connection. Caring for others is sometimes the best self-care you can practice.

8. Step into the battlefield(?)

If you think you need to do more to help the frontline workers out there, and stepping outside is not an issue, volunteer! A good number of organizations have started to lend a helping hand towards covid relief- whether it’s procuring and delivering medicines, home-cooked meals, cooking the said meals, obtaining oxygen, and much more. People have started to get more involved and help out. However, stepping outside does come with an increased risk of getting infected, so volunteer at your own discretion, and follow all COVID guidelines strictly. And if you can’t step out, you can help by collecting essential contacts, compiling them, and spreading the word to help those in need.

And when it all seems a little too much to deal with, lie down and simply be. Breathe. And remember that we’re all in this together, and we will get through this together. The ever-supportive Rizzle community is always here to uplift you!

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