Creator 101: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Amazing Content

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Chances are if you have a smartphone with a half-decent internet connection, this is a daily routine akin to something as involuntary as breathing. We live, breathe and consume content every single day. Some of us like to read, while others prefer to listen to podcasts and music. Videos have a universal appeal owing to just how easy it is to consume the content and how it engages multiple senses at once. 

Content is king. This much we know and accept as fact. Content drives business, even life as we know it. And more and more industries are beginning to take advantage of its benefits to reach their consumers. The Internet is the wind beneath the wings of content.  Ever-growing connections and faster speeds accelerate the reach of content beyond what we thought possible.

Gone are the days when a telegram was the fastest way to reach someone across cities, states, countries, and even continents. Now you can see your loved ones in HD, converse face to face, no matter how far away, with a simple click. Earlier the only way we knew about certain international products was when someone brought them back from their journey overseas. Some products almost had mythical status due to this. Today, you can shop online for anything under the sun and have it delivered to your doorstep in a few days.

Content consumption has increased exponentially in recent years. And this has led to the birth of a brand new profession: content creation.

Let’s explore the world of content creation ahead.

Content and Creators

Content is the fuel that powers the internet. When we use the word today, we refer to digital content, which is basically information contained in digital storage that can be accessed, streamed, broadcast, or shared via the internet. And this content is created in many different types, such as blogs, e-books, how-to guides, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, and more.

The rise in social media usage has led to a boom in content creation. Social media was the glue that held us together during the pandemic. According to statistics, in 2021, 57.6% of the world population was on social media for an average of 2.5 hours each day. These numbers are likely to only increase with a rise in social media apps and better connectivity.

Content creators ideate and create meaningful content that connects, resonates, and engages with an audience. They leverage content to market to the target audience. This content could be in the form of text, image, or video. But today, we will focus on the types of video content. Some of the most commonly viewed videos on the internet include interviews, livestreams, presentations, Q&As, reviews, tutorials, unboxing, vlogs, and webinars.

Videos are a very popular way to consume content, as they are easy to watch and understand. They can be engaging, fun, and informative. And unlike a few decades ago, videos are easier to create today.

Let us take a gander at what goes into making a video.

Elements of Video Production

If you’re new to video making, you might be intimidated by the process that goes into it. But if you break down the activity into the most basic elements. It no longer seems like a herculean task to create amazing videos.

Here are the basic elements of video production:

  • Script:
    • A script is the matrix that holds your production together. Use creative ideas to write an interesting script that will dictate the course of the video.
  • Characters:
    • Characters can make your video more personable. They could be relatable or exaggerated to make a lasting impression.
  • Costumes:
    • Costumes can elevate and establish characters. Humans are visual creatures who enjoy pops of color and are drawn to fashion.
  • Location/set:
    • Exotic locales, beautifully designed sets, or green-screen trickery, use captivating backdrops to make your video stand out.
  • Props:
    • Props can be simple or ridiculously out of place. But if chosen smartly, props can illustrate the point of the video sublimely.
  • Action:
    • The action could be anything a character does, from merely pacing to something special like a magic trick. This makes a character interesting to watch, ensuring that a viewer sticks around to the end of the video.
  • Dialogue:
    • Cleverly scripted dialogues on-camera ensure that the impact of your video sticks longer. Voice-overs are ideal to accompany mesmerizing visuals that don’t feature characters.
  • Sound effects/background music:
    • These are not strictly necessary, but using sound effects and background music can help tie your video together beautifully and make the scenes more powerful.

The basic elements of video production cater to our senses of sight and hearing. You can choose how to use each element to create your own videos.

Now that video production doesn’t seem quite so daunting, how will you make your videos stand out?

Useful tips for Creating Great Videos

It is estimated more than 82% of global internet traffic will be centered around videos. It is easy for your videos to get lost in this sea of content. But there’s no need to deepen those frown lines yet.

 Here are some useful yet simple tips that can help you make videos that stand out:

  • Good camera: This is a no-brainer. Use the best available camera for shooting your videos. If you use your phone camera, use the back camera and go to settings and turn the video quality to the highest.
  • Good lighting: This can make all the difference between good and bad videos. Natural light works best. Soft light at dawn and dusk will ensure the subjects are well-lit with no harsh shadows.
  • Clean background: This is an essential factor as you do not want a cluttered background to shift focus away from your subject.
  • Camera Presence: Characters hold the scenes together. It is vital that they have a good camera presence. 
  • Video Composition: This is how you frame the subject of your video. There are different ways to do so, but a good practice is to use the rule of thirds.
  • Shoot from multiple angles: Weaving together shots from multiple angles makes for an intriguing and exciting video.
  • Shoot smaller sections: This is to help you focus on smaller sections that can be stitched together to form the final video.
  • Crisp audio: This factor is one of the most essential in video production. Sound can make or break your video. Use good recording equipment to ensure excellent audio quality. During the editing process, make sure that the audio is in sync.
  • Good editing software: Again, this will piece the video together, use the best available.

And as with any project, make sure to plan ahead.

Nifty Tricks for Video Making

Now you may have just dipped your toes into the world of content creation. And like most things we set out to do, there’s definitely a learning curve. You can cheat this by using a few nifty tricks to take your videos to the next level. The best part is that you can use these during shooting or in post-production while editing. 

Let’s get right to it:

  • Expand the space: To avoid scenes that appear claustrophobic due to being set in a small area, try to shoot dialogue scenes from the opposite ends of the room even if the characters are set close to one another. This will provide an illusion of a larger space.
  • Faux Proximity: The simple use of a long lens can make action scenes appear as though they’ve been shot in close-up.
  • Reverse Shots: These can be especially useful in shots that need a prop to land close to the camera without risking damage to the camera and setup. These can be easily reversed in post-production for that perfect shot.
  • French Turnaround: Moving camera setup can be a hassle. You can simply fake this by moving your actors and adjusting the angle or frame for the scene. 

These tricks may seem really cool and easy, but they’re actually used even in professional filmmaking. Try them out in your videos to give them that edge over the others.

Out-of-the-box Creator Hacks

Creators are constantly finding innovative ways to make content. To be a content creator, you must put on your thinking cap and look for inspiration outside the box. Social media caters to the masses with steadily decreasing attention spans. Additionally, taking the adage “imitation is the best form of flattery” way too far, people blatantly push out copies of the same videos with the same audio clips. Therefore, to grab eyeballs, you want your audience to pause and check out your work. 

These creative hacks can help you do just that:

  • Stock Footage: You can make compelling videos using a wide range of stock assets. These are usually high quality and professionally shot, thus giving you an overall advantage.
  • Multimedia Elements: These are especially great for videos on social media. You can use memes, gifs, and stickers to make your video fun and engaging.
  • Leverage Templates: You can make great videos with minimal effort. Pre-designed templates are a godsend for video creation. 
  • Cool Transitions: Connecting one shot to another seamlessly is a thing of art. You can use different transitions like whip pan or spin to add allure to your video.
  • Filter Effects: Put a stocking over your lens for a bloom effect or some baby oil over the lens cover for a soft dreamy effect. Or use digital filters in editing to make the scenes more dramatic.

Beyond these, everyday fun and creative hacks are shared on social media. So keep an eye out and try new ones.

Rizzle: Creator’s Best Buddy

It appears that we’ve covered pretty much the A-Z of what lies behind being a content creator. It seems like a lot of hard work, time, and energy, doesn’t it? Well, it is. 

But what if there is a one-stop-shop where you could put all the elements of your video together easily?

Rizzle is an application that lets you shoot, edit, and add music to your videos instantly. It even has a virtual green screen, among many other innovative features that can make your videos stand out. 

Moreover, it is intuitive and user-friendly and can make the daunting task of video making a whole lot simpler. Rizzle also has an online community of creators that can inspire you and with whom you can collaborate to make amazing content together.

Content creators are creating and shaping the landscape of the internet. You can join their ranks simply by thinking outside the box and creating content that engages and enthralls people. You should be authentic and innovative with your videos, as such content resonates with the general populace. 

If you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge and become a content creator, download Rizzle and get started now.

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