DC vs. Marvel: A Debate For The Ages

dc vs marvel

Detective Comics, or as you better know them as DC, has been in the superhero and comics business forever with its counterpart, MARVEL.
Of course, there are several other comic book and movie franchises, but these two have been hogging the spotlight since their debut. And what with the introduction of cinematic universes and television franchises, they’ve shot up to the top of the movie charts.
With iconic characters such as Superman and Batman leading the DC brigade, MARVEL has its own answer to DC with Iron Man and Spiderman.
Fans of both franchises have been at war for over a century and for a good reason. The creativity, storytelling in both is so profound.

Here are some points to consider when deciding who wins in the DC vs. Marvel debate:

Character development

MARVEL fans argue that the MCU has done wonders bringing relatively unknown superheroes to the big screen, namely Ant-Man, and to have spun a fantastic origin story was just the icing on the cake. But you can’t forget the Martha of all superhero origins, i.e., Batman & Superman. They’re so iconic that almost every adult, every kid, knows about their stories. Better origin stories are tough to come by.
Winner: DC

The portrayal of reality

If we’re honest, in the quest to promote the hero saves world agenda, most superheroes movies tend to be very flowery and sugar-coated compared to the gritty, raw, real-world scenes. There are usually cute hero halos around them, and then the end is all happily ever after. Now, when it comes to Marvel and DC, both do a pretty awesome job at portraying reality. Marvel is not completely unrealistic but tends to adopt a dream-like tone that fills viewers with hope and optimism. DC, however, nails it by accurately portraying heroes battling the real-life dredges of society.
Winner: DC


Superheroes wouldn’t be complete without that extra flair of action. Hero-villain, hero-hero confrontations have always been the highlight of superhero stories. And with cinematic CGI and other effects, it’s a real privilege to experience those stories bought to life. Again this is a close call. DC had wonderful fight sequences in Wonder Woman, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and Superman movies. Not to mention the absolute beast of action sequences in their TV universe. Shows like Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Netflix’s Titans, and Doom Patrol have outdone all other TV shows for their detail to action. It would have been DC for the win if not for the ultimate superhero movie brought by MARVEL, aka Avengers: Endgame. The battle sequences were phenomenal and took things to a whole new level that DC’s Justice League could not produce.
Winner: MARVEL

Overall Success

There is absolutely no doubt that the MCU is the front runner over the DCEU regarding the movie verse. However, it’s not that DC has been silent all this while. It has been acing its comic book releases with some phenomenal storylines. Also, their Arrowverse or the television franchise has been a fantastic take on superheroes on the small screen. Marvel’s roster of TV series has also been pretty amazing with shows like Daredevil and The Punisher, but a major part of them have been a hard miss compared to DCTV’s endeavor. DC has even tied up with Netflix to release gritty shows like Titans, Dool Patrol, and more, all of which have garnered brilliant reviews. Not to mention the DCAU, which has been kicking butt with iconic releases like the Teen Titans Go, Justice League Dark, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and more titles.
Winner: DC

Crossovers & Continuity

The MCU is an exemplary success in merging several storylines into one massive plot. The Avengers franchise is a clear testament to that. DC tried to replicate the model with its Justice League but failed. Since then, they’ve realized the flaws and decided to stick with their own way of doing things. This bought us the iconic crossover between DCEU and DCTV, with Ezra Miller making an appearance in the Arrowverse. Not to undermine the MCU’s same universe crossovers, but DC took things up a notch and introduced the concept of multiverse crossovers.
Winner: DC

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