Debunking Fast Food Myths


Fast food has always been everyone’s go-to comfort food. In distress, hunger, or happiness, we have always tucked ourselves into some tasty fast food.

However, like many things in the world, fast food also has its share of myths. Let’s look at some closely:

KFC’s chicken isn’t chicken?

KFC’s chicken is often the subject of controversy. From the appearance of the chicken to whether the chicken is GMO. KFC has gone on record several times to clarify that their chicken is normal, healthy, and non-GMO. After being cleared by federal food standards, now we know we can comfortably tuck in with our bucket of KFC.

McDonald’s not-so lovin’ menu

McDonald’s is also the subject of public scrutiny. Questions about their authenticity and prep from their beef to eggs are rampant. Concerns about preparing their egg-based breakfast options such as Egg McMuffins have been doing the rounds, including why their eggs seemed to appear different from the ones we consume. McDonald’s clarified that egg rings are used for the perfect shape once they return from the factory. As for the beef, it is 100% pure beef, with nothing else added as replacements.

Wendy’s Chili

Claims about Wendy’s Chili made from rat and horse meat made people wary. However, employees working there clarified that the Chili is a result of the burgers that get overcooked. Hurray for their food waste management!

Taco Bell meat

Rumors that Taco Bell meat contains horse meat as a key ingredient, to the meat graded the same as dog food; Taco Bell has had to deal with their fair share of gossip. Taco Bell has cleared these floating assumptions stating their main ingredients are ground beef, spices, oats, and sauces.

Popeyes’ chicken confusion

The delicious crackling eatery has had to face bizarre rumors. From a customer finding a rat head in her meal to the batter used to fry chicken containing drugs, Popeyes has quashed the rumors once and for all. They stated the “rat-head” was just a piece of chicken organ meat and clarifying the drugs part as only rumors.
With these fast food joints debunking the myths, we can continue relishing our favorite comfort food hassle-free!

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