DIY: A Guide to Resourceful Living

DIY A Guide to Resourceful Living

DIY. We love it!

We’re sure that you’ve seen this acronym plastered all over the internet. It’s probably the driving force behind Pinterest! This popular acronym can mean a lot of different things to different people. DIY, or ‘Do-it-Yourself’ as it reads, is a way for you to take matters into your hands. Quite literally! Whether it’s a small home improvement project or attempting to bake a particularly complicated dish, DIY applies to everything that you can create with your own hands and a list of components. 

If you type in DIY and hit search on any social media platform. In that case, chances are you will find everything from building cabinets to installing a new shower system. Essentially, DIY is a way for you to accomplish tasks or create items that would otherwise be left to a professional or purchased from a store. You would be cutting out the middleman and getting it done all by yourself (with a bit of help from your family or friends).

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of DIY-ing the big stuff, don’t worry. We’ve put together the perfect guide to working your way up by tackling small DIY projects along the way. 

But first, let’s really understand the core principles of DIY.

What is DIY?

‘Do-it-Yourself’ or DIY is the art of creating. Arts and crafts naturally fall under this category. But in recent times, it has evolved beyond the usual arts and crafts. In essence, instead of finding a professional or buying items from a store, you choose to take on the task yourself or create your own. You may not have direct help from an expert for doing so. But the internet is a wonderful resource for aspiring DIYers out there such as yourself. Websites like Wikihow show you the path to getting things done, all by yourself. Although, you might want to take a second to separate the satire from the useful. Furthermore, detailed step-by-step tutorials are available on youtube or in blogs to help you get your DIY project going.

Naturally, DIY covers a lot of ground. Everything from nailing a painting to the wall to creating your own party decor falls under it. You needn’t concern yourself with the intricacies of the word and its varied applications. Instead, seek what it means to you. The point of DIY is to lend a sense of independence to the doer. It is about seeking the knowledge and skills required to accomplish something that you would otherwise hire someone else to do.

Why DIY?

Now to answer the burning question. The why of it all. Why DIY? 

Well, to answer this question, we need to take a good hard long look at how we live our lives. We are heavily dependent on manufacturing processes. These processes have mainly been automated in the past few decades, but with this ease comes a heavy burden in the form of pollution, rising costs, etc. DIY offers individuals like us the opportunity to create our own products and move towards a more sustainable way of living. It can also reduce waste generation and encourage more people to recycle and reuse. Think about it, if you ripped your shirt, instead of darning it, you would most likely discard it and buy a new one. It may not seem like much, but what if you learn that every second, about one garbage truck’s worth of textiles, is sent to landfills or burned around the world.

It also helps save money. The chances are that you could fix something around the house by yourself for a lot less than you would pay to get it done. The same goes for building your own furniture or other home improvement projects. Moreover, the practice encourages the development of problem diagnosing and problem-solving skills.

DIY is also a fun way to bond with your friends and family. You could get some friends together and build a fire pit for the backyard. Or paint a nursery for expecting parents. The list goes on. 

Benefits of DIY

DIY also offers the following benefits:

Bust that Stress

Focusing your energy on a manual task can free your mind from stress-inducing thoughts. 

Independent and Fierce

Learning basic DIY skills can increase independence and self-reliance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Accomplishing the most minor DIY projects can offer a sense of satisfaction quite akin to a job well done.

Well, we hope that we inspired you to try some DIY.

5 DIY ideas to get you started 

While it is humanly possible to DIY pretty much anything, we recommend taking baby steps. Many of the more ambitious undertakings will require a little more skill and dexterity that will come with time and practice. You can start easy with home decor and work your way up to the more complicated projects that may require one or more power tools.

Without further ado, we are presenting 5 DIY projects that are sure to get you off to a good start!

T-shirt Rug

Have a bunch of old t-shirts with holes and inexplicable stains? Don’t chuck them in the bin yet. You can use them to make a T-shirt Rug! All it takes is a few old t-shirts (the more, the fluffier your rug will be), a pair of scissors, a glue gun, hot glue, an old flat doormat, and a couple of hours! Here’s a helpful step-by-step tutorial to create a soft, absorbent rug that you can place at your or use fresh out of the bath.

Compost Bin

Creating your own compost bin is one of the best things you can do for your garden and the planet! And it’s relatively easy to put together. You will need a storage bin, a power drill (you can use a heated knife to poke holes if you aren’t comfortable with power tools), and some dried browns (dry leaves and twigs) to get started. Follow the instructions here, and you’ll have yourself a compost bin that’s ready for your food scraps!

Scented Candles

We know the previous project was a smelly one, so we thought scented candles would be the perfect project to tackle next! Who doesn’t love scented candles? The answer is no one. But they can be on the expensive side. Well, on that note (pun intended), let’s make our own using items around the house. Here’s how to make the most of leftover candle bits and other elements like broken crayons, essential oils, and herbs to create a brand new scented candle that adds fragrance and good vibes to your space.

Geometric Wall

Now, if you’ve ever spent time surfing Pinterest for home decor ideas, we’re sure you’ve seen this geometric wall design. It’s contemporary yet classic and would add a bit of drama to any drab wall. Well, guess what? You can easily do it by yourself! It involves several rolls of masking tape, a ladder, and paints of your choice! You can even use just a single color for a more minimalistic look!

Succulent Terrarium

Terrariums are a great way to bring some of the outside into your home and breathe some life into it. Did you know how easy it is to make your own terrarium? We’re here to show you! See how some sand or gravel for drainage, coffee filters, charcoal, soil, and some pretty succulents come together to create a work of art!

DIY Influencers

Now that you know more about DIY, we’ve put together a list of influencers who are nailing the DIY game (pun intended). Check them out, and who knows, they might be the source of inspiration for your next project!

Angelina – BlueprintDIY

Angelina is the brains behind BlueprintDIY, a channel dedicated to ‘Refashion.’ She creates stunning fashionable pieces of clothing by simply upcycling old or ill-fitting clothes. Fashion DIY at its best!

Glen Scott – DIY Creators

Glen Scott’s channel DIY Creators is the best place for you to go and learn how to make cool stuff all by yourself. The intro to his video is inspiring enough to put the spirit of DIY into a new viewer!

Matt – DIY Perks

Matt runs DIY Perks, where you can find a number of exciting projects to pick up and try for yourself.


Puja, Pawan, and Sneha are creators who make DIY and hack videos for Artkala. This collective takes you back to nature, sharing DIY videos that use natural ingredients and promote recycling.

Taylor Calmus – Dude Dad

Dude Dad is a fun channel run by Taylore Calmus. He shares sketches and vlogs about family life. He also makes DIY furniture videos that feature some intuitive and innovative designs.

DIY Short Videos

Youtube certainly has its fair share of DIY creators. But we know that the world is moving on from long-drawn tutorials to short videos. The surge in short video apps has made creators find new ways to shorten their content while delivering value. DIY videos are increasing by the day on short video platforms like Instagram Reels and Rizzle. 

We’re sure you’ve stumbled upon at least one 5-Minute Crafts video while scrolling through any social media platform. While they may be geared more toward clickbait-type videos with low value, they have shown a remarkable skill for showcasing several such hacks in under a minute. 

So it goes without saying that short video platforms are a good outlet for DIY creators. Check out some of the most talented DIY creators on Rizzle.

Pranali Tamse

She has a whole series dedicated to DIY, where she shares tips and tricks that feature fashion upcycling, decor, and more.

Check out these amazing Do-It-Yourself shower melts.


Make your own Kajal or Kohl liner in just a few steps!

Download Rizzle now to see more DIY videos that will inspire you to make your own products and maybe even be a DIY creator yourself!

DIY creators show how easy it is to start building and creating your own items from scratch. It can help you upcycle and recycle products, reducing waste and saving money. So tap into your crafty side and get DIY-ing! Tell us what you think about DIY and what you would pick for your first DIY project in the comments below.

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