Do We Need Personality Tests To Tell Us Who We Are?

We all want to understand ourselves better. We want to understand who we are, and what does our future holds for us. It’s the reason why we enthusiastically present our hands to palm readers so that they can give us some insight into our futures, even if it’s in jest. We may not really believe in the superstitious idea of telling someone’s future from the creases on their palms and the positions of the constellations relative to their birth but we will still seem to take part in it.

Personality Tests

It’s also the reason why we take those silly quizzes that tell us which Bollywood celebrity we are the most like. Or the Scientist we are most like. Or the TV show actor. We want to relate, we want to be described and understood. One way to do that is personality tests, and boy do we love them!

Be it the Big Five or the Myers Briggs personality types, we want to be analyzed and understood, with as much precision as possible. Sometimes these descriptions and analyses are surprisingly accurate. Sometimes, they make us feel uneasy because we do not really relate to them. Some of us force ourselves to see ourselves in the results these tests spit out. Others just plain reject them.

If we do the Scientific reliability of them, none of the personality tests are honestly very reliable, because the whole test is based on subjective feedback, and that cannot be fully reliable. Besides that, it’s very difficult to categorize seven billion-plus people within just a few personality types and claim everyone fits into one of these. There can be a lot of bias applied to conducting these tests. Do people who do not live in our modern civilization, in cities, still fall into one of these personality types for example?
Ultimately, all these personality tests can be a fun way to just spend some time and play around while trying to understand yourself better. But it wouldn’t be wise to take these personality tests too seriously.

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