5 Easy Breakfast Recipes From Geetha Sridhar’s Kitchen

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Get your day off to a crackalacking start with these Indian breakfast recipes!

Breakfast is one of the foremost meals of the day but is often skipped in the midst of the morning chorus. There are mornings when you snooze your alarm to get that 10 minutes of extra sleep, and eventually, get late to work and grab the easiest breakfast option that’s available. More often than not, it’s not very healthy and that’s where the nutritional factor goes for a toss. To solve that problem for you, we are here with some amazing 5 minutes easy breakfast recipes that you can try at home.

To help you start your morning right, we’ve handpicked the 5 best quick, simple, and delicious breakfast recipes by Masterchef Geetha Sridhar, to keep you full till lunch. These South Indian recipes are rich in nutrition and taste and are extremely easy to make. So let’s get started but before that, don’t forget to check out Geetha Sridhar’s channel on Rizzle!


This is one of the best-loved breakfast from the streets of Karnataka. Traditionally, upma is made with rawa (semolina) but you can also make it from Vermicelli. It is super easy to make and very nutritious. All you need to do is add some chopped veggies like carrots and peas to make it even better. This recipe requires minimal oil and spices and is loved by everyone.


This no onion garlic dish is usually served as a prasadam in South Indian temples. A handful of boiled black-eyed beans (lobia) are tossed with green chilies and curry leaves. This also serves as a healthy tea-time snack. Garnish it with grated coconut and served it with masala chai. This one totally makes people lick their fingers.


Another easy and simple breakfast recipe from the kitchens in South India that can be easily whipped within minutes is Aval Upma. This dish is made using flattened rice, also famous in many parts of India as ‘poha’. It is light on the stomach and tastes best when made with curry leaves, peanuts, and lemon juice. This goes well with coconut chutney.


Is a South Indian dish ever complete with a bowl of hot sambar? This is a lentil soup that goes well with almost every dish from the southern part of India. Whether it is dosa or idly, appam, or any other lip-smacking south Indian dish, sambar accompanies all of them. It’s super easy to make and is rich in multiple flavors. What’s even better is that it is super healthy. Click on the above link and jump straight to Masterchef Geetha’s Rizzle channel and learn to make awesome sambhar in 1 minute.


Karamani Payaru or yard long beans can be used in various recipes but have you ever tried dosa made from this batter? Well if you haven’t now is the time. This super healthy breakfast dish will make you the Masterchef of your home in minutes. It’s easy to make and requires no effort. Try Geetha Sridhar’s special dosai recipe and let us know if you liked it.

These were the top dishes from Masterchef Geetha’s kitchen. We hope that you loved these and would definitely try them out to switch from the usual boring breakfast to more nutritional and interesting recipes. Do record your experience on Rizzle and tag us. 🙂

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