5 Easy Home Workouts You Need To Try

home workouts

We’ve all been stuck at home for over two whole months now. Gyms are closed are we’ve been getting unhealthier with time since we’ve given up on any physical activity and exercise. Gone are the days when we waited for our trainers to beat us to a pulp with strenuous workouts.

But as with everything in life, we must move forward and learn to cope with the situation. And who said just because we’re cooped up at home, we’ve got to forego our workout plans and forget about all those routine definitions. Why not work out at home your home into a gym?

Of course, you can purchase all those expensive and so-called best workout apps, but guess what? Just get on Rizzle and explore easy workouts by experts and novices like you, all explained and demonstrated in under a minute!

Here are some best workout routines that you can try in your home gym:

1. Stretching

Do not forget to stretch. All those days of inactivity must’ve made your muscles and joints stiff. Get on the floor and pop those old knees by giving your body a good stretch. Pro tip: It helps avoid injuries if done right! Make sure you follow Coach Che on Rizzle, where she shows how you stretch right.

2. Ab Exercises

You cannot miss out on working those hard-earned abs if you have them! If you don’t, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So let’s get on it with pro-Rizzler and dancer Lydia Forsgren and try these fantastic stability ball hands-to-feet pass!

3. Planks : The Ultimate Core Workout

No good workout is complete without exercising your core. And every single fitness expert swears by the plank. Join Sasha Zavala on Rizzle, who will guide you on 3 easy plank variations. We promise you’ll only need a yoga mat and a stopwatch, and a buttload of core strength.

4. Strength Training

Ok… enough of the easy stuff. Let’s get to some tough strength variations guaranteed to burn off at least a hundred calories! Join Kimberley Shah on Rizzle in her Strength Challenge workouts, where she mixes it up to include sumo squats, sit-ups, and the inevitable plank (told ya these fitness experts swear by it)

5. High Knees

It’s a bad idea to stay cooped up in your home. So go outside for some fresh air (masks on, obviously). Of course, every step you take is helping you burn some calories, but here’s a fun way to burn even more than usual! Switch up your stride to include these high knees!

Did these workouts make you break into a sweating frenzy? Share more of your home workouts on Rizzle!

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