Easy Recipes To Try At Home – Quarantine in Kitchen

Quarantine in Kitchen

Raise your hands if you are a part of the “Cooking Is Therapeutic” club. Cooking is certainly one of the most uplifting and satisfying hobbies ever. A perfectly baked cake is all you need to bring that smile to your face and obviously treat your loved ones with lip-smacking food. The aroma of fresh spices, the fluffy, freshly baked cupcakes, or even a cup of hot ginger tea gives a different kind of feeling if it’s you who tried hands on it.

But if scrolling through the internet is all that you did for the last two months to scout some easy recipe ideas but couldn’t find anything interesting, we have got you covered. Rizzlers have mastered the art of cooking this lockdown and decided to share some amazing and easy-to-make recipes that you can try at home without much effort.

These basic recipes will help you pause binge eating snacks and Maggi and switch to healthier options. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Lindsey Baker – Easy Dumplings – Lindsey has been stealing hearts on the Rizzle App with her super awesome vegan recipes every now and then. In this video, she shares an easy and healthy option to make tasty dumplings at home. Do check out her step-by-step guide to make the snack of your dreams. Thank me later for introducing you to this awesome virtual cookbook.

Nisha – Tasty Mozzarella Cheese Pasta – Easy to make white sauce pasta is everyone’s top dish. What if we tell you that here’s a brilliant pasta recipe that you can execute in just a couple of minutes? Well, yes! With Nisha’s set by step guide, making pasta at home is as simple as cooking Maggi. Don’t believe it? Check out for yourselves.

Ranjana Khatale – Rawa Dosa – Dosa or Crepes are easy-to-cook dishes when it comes to healthy breakfast options but Ranjana’s super awesome Rawa Dosa recipe will help you whip out a perfectly round and crispy dosa in minutes. Rawa or semolina crepes are loved tremendously in India and we are hopeful that you will like it too. Do let us know when you try it.

Priyanka Sree – Custard Caramel Pudding – Stressed when spelled backward becomes Desserts and honestly, desserts can solve every single problem that you can think of, mostly. Carve out a perfect Custard Caramel Pudding at home and surprise your loved ones with this tasty yet easy dessert that you can make at home with minimal ingredients.

Nalini’s Kitchen – Biscuit Canapes – Honestly, it’s a task to look for snack ideas for kids that can not only tantalize their taste buds but are interesting enough for them to eat. Biscuit Canapes by Nalini will up your points a thousand times when you present this interesting snack before your little ones. Be ready to grab the “Mom Of The Year” title really soon.

These were some of the easy-to-make recipes that you can try in your kitchen during the lockdown and otherwise. Do check out the Rizzle app for more interesting recipe ideas and experiment with your cooking skills. Don’t forget to let us know how they turned out!

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