5 Easy Weightloss Tips

Weight loss starts today!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight as long as you are doing it for yourself. We live in a world plagued by body-shaming, and nobody seems to be able to escape from that. Wanting to lose weight shouldn’t come from wanting to fit into society’s standard of beauty and acceptance. If you want to lose weight to stay fit and healthy do that, if you want to lose weight for your own self-esteem do that, if you want to lose weight to fit into that dress you have been wanting to fit in do that, but no way should it be for someone or something else.

With that being said, here are 5 simple tips to lose weight:

Drink Water

Drinking water regularly can benefit your body in so many ways, and knowing when to drink water can come with an extra benefit. If you drink water half an hour before a meal there are chances you will eat less, this might come in handy if you are on a diet. Drinking water also boosts metabolism and helps in burning some extra calories. If you are someone who is not a fan of drinking water, you can always switch to water-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, lemons but remember not to add sugar. Apart from the time to time visit to the bathroom, there is no downside to drinking water.

Easy Weightloss Tips

Drink Coffee & Green Tea

Starting the day with a cup of coffee not only gets you ready for the day but can result in weight loss. Some people might argue that coffee is not good for health but the key here is not to drink excessively. With the number of coffee shops and the variety of coffee, one should remember that the only coffee that helps reduce weight is black coffee without sugar. If you are not a fan of black coffee you can always substitute it with green tea, with a dash of lemon and it works like magic.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta, Mountain Dew, and 7 UP contain copious amounts of sugar which directly leads to weight gain. Drinking fizzy drinks is commonly associated with obesity and the number of other health issues is beyond imagination. So, next time you are thinking of getting a venti fizzy drink remember to cut it down to the minimum and if possible cut it out of your life. There are always other beverages that you can enjoy.

Get Good Quality Sleep

Sleeping on time is one of the most difficult tasks of our generation today but no matter what time you sleep it is important to maintain at least 7 hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can slow down your metabolism, resulting in weight gain. Also, not sleeping and snacking can lead to the collateral damage of obesity and other health complications. Getting good quality sleep is equally important as eating healthy and exercise, without proper sleep there is not much benefit of the other two. So, pause on all your screens two hours before bed and get a good night’s sleep.


Always take that opportunity to walk, whether it’s taking stairs instead of the elevator, or walking home after running an errand. Not everyone is capable of doing intense workout sessions so instead walk whenever you can and keep a step tracker on your phone or smartwatch to keep yourself motivated. Taking a walk in the evening is very beneficial because our metabolism slows down towards the end of the day and it’s a perfect time to burn those extra calories while relaxing after the day’s work. Losing weight is all about developing healthy habits and just the simple act of walking can benefit your body in so many ways.

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