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Video Creation tools

The evolution of smartphones has been nothing less than a game-changer in our everyday lives. We use our phones for almost everything, from online shopping, remote working to video creation and documentation. We are all walking around with powerful video-making tools in our pockets.   

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. According to Counterpoint Research, the Indian smartphone market will hit a record high of 173 million units in 2021, growing at 14 percent year on year. Furthermore, with the vertical video phenomenon taking the world by storm, the future of smartphone filming has become all the more exciting. 

Content creation has gone beyond filmmaking and the traditional horizontal format, becoming more democratized. It can be attributed to advances in technology and the availability of increasingly inventive smartphone attachments.

Smartphone Video Creation

Smartphone video creation breaks the stigma that only professionals in the filming industry can create cinematic experiences for the general public. Today, we have creators that use their talent, creativity, innovative products, and tools to create bite-sized content that is immersive in nature. With the general public having access to such creation tools and technology, the range of videos that one can expect will be very vast and highly innovative. 

In recent years, vertical videos have gained immense popularity. Based on a survey conducted on how people react to these two video formats, vertical videos reached 58% more people than horizontal videos. Vertical videos are more in line with how we use our phones, making it easier for an audience to consume them. Due to the evolution of smartphones and the vertical video phenomenon, content creation has become highly democratized.

The evolution of short video platforms and smartphones alike has enabled creators from all over the world to create their own versions of watchable content today.

Come along on a journey wherein we explore tools and add-ons that creators can invest in and take the quality of their content up a notch. 

Why are smartphone video creation tools essential?

Smartphone add-ons include attachable lenses, stabilization tools, audio recorders, clip-on filters, lighting, and tripods, all critical components for building quality content. The entrance barrier to generating excellent videos has never been lower. Our smartphones have progressed from ringing pocket bricks to fantastic content-generating devices in recent years. Join us on a trip through the ins and outs of how to make a video on your phone.

Here is a list of smartphone add-ons that one can purchase and elevate their video creation

Attachable lenses 

Smartphones already come with a camera or multiple cameras. To go the extra mile and enhance the quality of your videos, attachable lenses can be your new best friend. If you are looking for external lenses for your phone, there are a range of choices. Having a variety of lenses and focal lengths on hand, just like when shooting with a camera, will help you get a better range of visuals and aesthetics.

For smartphones, there are a variety of lens options. You can find telephotos, macros, anamorphic, ultra-wide-angles, fisheyes, and more if you look around — sometimes all in one convenient package! The ones you choose will be determined by your objectives. 

Ring Lights

While creating a video on your smartphone, it is critical to have good lighting. During the daytime, one can rely on sunlight to do the job. Shooting in the sunlight will help you avoid unnecessary shadows and grainy video quality. Another thing to consider would be to avoid pointing your smartphone camera directly at a light source, preventing over-exposed videos. 

Alternatively, ring lights are a good investment while shooting in low-light scenarios. Did you know, ring lights were previously used for medical and dental purposes? Today, ring lights have become a staple tool for video creators all over. You can easily place your smartphone inside the circle of the ring light. The circular shape will emphasize the details of the video and evenly distributes the lighting. Video creators today widely use and accept ring lights to showcase makeup tutorials and food videos.

Stabilization equipment 

An essential component of video creation is a stabilization tool. Handheld video creation is a thing of the past. This is because the output is highly shaky videos and confusing to watch. This is when tools such as a simple selfie stick or a smartphone mount come into play, offering smartphone stability. 

Filming time-lapses or instructional how-to videos is made easier with your phone mounted on a tripod. These are inexpensive tools that video creators should have in their possession. Consider investing in heavy-duty tools, like handheld gimbal stabilizers, to make smoother shots, travel vlogs, or short travel videos.

Audio Recorders/ Microphone attachments 

Whether you are an aspiring musician, ASMR artist, podcast host, microphone attachments for your smartphones are imperative. The audio quality of a video can either make or break a video. Research published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society found that low-quality audio made people perceive the quality of a video overall as much lower. Low-quality audio videos are more likely to have low retention rates. If the audio is not up to the standards or clear, people are less likely to stick around and watch the video. In order to avoid this unfortunate situation, creators can invest in audio recorders and smartphone microphone attachments.

For specific settings, different mics are better suited. A lavalier microphone, for example, is a tiny microphone used to record audio during video shoots. This makes it an excellent option for vloggers. On the other hand, a condenser microphone is ideal for capturing vocals, making it a better choice for musical artists. Depending on the need of the hour, you can look through various affordable options and create breathtaking videos.  

Mobile editing software

There are a plethora of mobile editing applications and software available for users to resort to. As a result, mobile editing has become the norm. To create visually appealing videos, you do not have to be a professional editor. For example, Rizzle is one such application that is free to use and does not require a lengthy sign-up process.

Being an all-inclusive space for creators, the tools available on Rizzle make it a one-stop shop for creators looking to make a mark. For instance, a robust interface, being technology and design-led, Rizzle offers creators with highly differentiated features. Because of which, creators can leverage the platform and create aesthetic videos with or without any smartphone add-ons and tools. 

Rizzle provides templates for every occasion, an exhaustive catalog of modern and trendy music and a plethora of features. So if you are a creator, you must explore the  multitude of videos, features, templates, and music available on the app. The application equips creators with everything they need to create original short videos. So what are you waiting for? Find out more about how Rizzle catalyzes the entire creation and editing process here.

Video creation has gone through a significant transformation over the past couple of years. As a result, we have seen how people have hopped on this bandwagon of short video creation, changing the way content is consumed. There are various applications and tools that we have discussed above that will help you create a piece of content you most definitely will be proud of. So, if you are a creator and found this article helpful, do leave us a comment below and join us in creating immersive content, right here on Rizzle

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