Has Fashion Changed Our World, For Better or Worse?

Fashion has changed our world

Fashion is never finished, it simply changes. It changes form, it evolves with time, with society, and the perception of people.

Eduardo, “We need to start making money. We need to sell Ads”
Mark, “No, TheFacebook is cool. If we are selling pop-ups for Mountain Dew, it’s not gonna be cool anymore”
Eduardo, “Well, I wasn’t really thinking of Mountain Dew but as the business end of the company..”
Mark, “We don’t know what it is yet. We don’t know what it is. We know that it is cool, and that is a priceless asset to give up”
Eduardo, “So when will it be finished?”
Mark, “It won’t be finished. That is the point. The same way fashion’s never finished”
Eduardo, “What?”
Mark, “Fashion. Fashion is never finished…”

This is a paraphrased conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and Edwardo Saverin, the two co-founders of Facebook, in the movie The Social Network. This exact conversation might be made up, but there is a very deep insightful idea here. Fashion is never finished, it simply changes. It changes form, it evolves with time with the perception of the people.

Fashion is a manifestation of a trend. But what exactly is a trend? The word has taken a whole new meaning in our modern Internet age, where everything revolves around trends. Trends control us, control what we do, how we see and perceive the world. But who controls the trends? Could one argue that fashion, the art of making a new article of clothing or attire the newest trend in society possibly have changed our world? I believe so.

Think about it for a second. When before the existence of “fashion” did we have such a phenomenon of “trends” that we would all follow in society? Fashion is the expression of “cool” -ness, of newness, of pushing the world forward in some direction. It has evolved into an adjective i.e. “fashionable”, which labels anything that is the “in” thing right now. It accustomed our society to this collective behavior of following trends, and trendsetters.

And that group behavior has been put on steroids with the invention of social media. Before, you could overlook fashion, a trend, because it wasn’t common enough across all the classes of society. But now that we are all connected together through the devices in our pockets, we are all stuck in FOMO – fear of missing out. We want to be cool, we want to be part of the ever-evolving society, of everything new, everything novel people are paying attention to. And there is nothing wrong with that unless it takes over our individual unique personalities.

We shouldn’t let the noise of trends and social media drown out our own internal individual voices and identities. You don’t need to keep up with the latest trends, you don’t need to constantly fight to stay cool or relevant. You can invest all that time in yourself, help yourself grow. Social media should be nothing more than a tool to genuinely connect with people, to share ideas, and our views. Are you conscious of how social media and its myriad weekly trends control your life?

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