Father’s Day Gift Suggestions and DIYs

Father's day gift and DIY ideas.

This Father’s Day, celebrate your father with these gifts that will definitely tug at his heartstrings and maybe, just maybe get a hint of a tear in his eyes.

A father’s influence on the life of a child is something that has often been largely discounted. More often than not, the “tough guy” personality seems to make the child wonder whether there is any love or care. But then behind that tough exterior lies a person who is emotional with regards to anything that his child goes through. A father does not portray his love directly. A father is like a guiding light, he is not an anchor to hold onto or a sail that will take you where you want to go, but a guiding light who will always be looking over your shoulder and guiding you. Father’s Day is therefore an opportunity to celebrate the guiding light and paying tribute for all the sincere efforts a father makes.

Here is a list of gifts and DIYs you can gift to your father on Father’s day.

Personalized Lucky Bamboo for Father

Why plants? Well because plants look beautiful, they make great gifts due to their amazing benefits and it is going to be there to serve as a reminder to your father about how much you mean to him. This personalized Two Layer Lucky Bamboo is brought to you by GiftCart. The plant is also encompassed in a natural jute wrapping to decrease the use of plastic. And this jute wrapping has PAPA woven in red thread to make it clear who the gift is for. Fun Fact: Two-layered bamboo Lucky Bamboo is considered an expression of love. Make sure to point that out to your father.

Stenciled Cooking Apron

Does your dad cook really amazing food? Then we have a perfect DIY gift that is suppppperrr easy to make that your dad will definitely wear with pride every time he cooks one of his mouthwatering dishes for you! This apron is super easy to make and you can make changes and additions to it as you see fit. So get stitching and then eating!

Personalized Executive Picture Stand

He’s the boss! The smartest, most efficient man in the room who is loved by everybody. Now you can customize your dad in his work attire and bring it home with this personalized executive picture stand. Made of acrylic, this 2D photo will be uploaded based on your preference. It will look quite humourous and tickle your dad’s funny bone and also serve as a pretty memorable gift. So upload his image and make this year’s Father’s Day gift a pretty memorable one.

Super Dad Mug

As a kid do you remember how many toys you used to break? More importantly, do you remember who your mom asked to go to get the toy repaired? It was your dad. Honestly, it still is your dad, you still break anything, you still want your dad to help repair the stuff. Because if dad can not fix it, then nobody can. This amazing Super Dad Mug has “If Dad can’t fix it, no one can” encrypted on it and comes along with a wrench-shaped handle. Now, this is a handy gift to give to your dad.

Personalized Dark Brown Wallet & Belt Combo

It’s time to create a style statement by bringing out the charismatic man in your father with this Leather Wallet and Belt Combo. The wallet can be personalized with whatever name you want and is spacious enough to fit all the money you will take out from the wallet in return for this gift. This gift serves as a perfect style statement for your handsome dad.

“You’re the Vest” Father’s Day Card

This is a different and funny gift for dads who love fishing. This idea originates from the “You’re the Vest” Dad card that was trending as a DIY card for Father’s Day. This card was first designed keeping in mind the fancy vests used in suits but this card can be designed in the form of a life vest especially if your dad loves fishing. Get cutting and design the ‘vest’ father’s day gift.

Best Dad Ever Personalized Wooden Print Frame

What is that one photo with your dad that is the most special one? There will be countless photos, but there is always one that takes that top place. Well, that photo just got more special with this ‘Best Dad Ever Personalized Wooden Print Frame’. This photo frame comes in different sizes and is the perfect gift to show love to your father in your special way. The inscription is also definitely going to bring tears to his eyes and make him show more emotions than he usually ever has done. This is the perfect gift that your father is going to cherish and always make him feel emotional.

Dad, You Rock!

Doesn’t your Dad rock. Is he not just Mr. Perfect. Well, then it’s time to celebrate him with this adorable and pun-tastic gift for your dad. And more importantly, it is super easy to make. All you need are two rocks, a small one for yourself and a large one for your dad. Glue some eyes, glue it some paper, and voila you have it! Okay, don’t listen to me, the instructions are there on the site attached to the title, so have a look and start crafting!


Aren’t you Daddy’s Lil Monster? The one who gives him sleepless nights but who he also loves the most. This gift is an excuse to get messy and make a cute gift that your dad will keep close. These crafts are personal and make very very special keepsakes. This DIY is super easy and can be made within minutes and is also inexpensive to make. All you require is paint and a blank canvas and soon you will be working on creating a very cute monster craft for your dad. Happy gifting friends.

Father's Day Gift Suggestions and DIYs

Park Avenue Perfect Men Hamper

The name says it all for this gift. Park Avenue brings you this amazing gift hamper for your dad that has also the essentials he requires to stay at the top of his game. The hamper includes a fragrance spray, deo talc, razor, lotion, soap, shaving cream, shaving brush, a pouch, a belt, and a wallet. So basically it has everything your dad uses and requires. Talk about a gift that serves its purpose.

“We’re Nuts About You” Photo Frame

What is a DIY gift list without a DIY photo frame? Don’t worry we have got you covered with this super easy, easy gift that will send across the message loud and clear to your dad that you are nuts about him. All it takes is around 15 minutes, some basic supplies which obviously include nuts. (Also nuts here means nut bolts) This gift is perfect for your dad where he can keep the most precious picture of him with you guys and look at it every day and realize, how ‘nuts’ you are about him.

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