Of Fictional Characters & Unnecessary Deaths

Unnecessary Fictional Characters Deaths

Fictional characters are so easy to fall in love with and even though we know that they are not real, their stories matter a lot to us. We know that death is inevitable even in fiction, and in many cases, death shapes the story and the arcs of our beloved characters. But in some movies and TV shows, a character’s death doesn’t make sense, it simply does not impact the storyline. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movies, Grey’s Anatomy, or Game of Thrones for that matter, you most certainly have been in this situation. Like in Harry Potter when Harry’s owl Hedwig dies, fans are left wondering as to the implication of its death to the story.

So, here are five other unnecessary deaths in movies:

Jack Dawson in Titanic

Jack Dawson’s death is not as unnecessary as the others on our list. His death transformed Rose into a completely different person, and it marked a new beginning in her life. But the circumstances in which he died qualified him for the unnecessary death characters list because no matter what people say, ‘there was room on that door.’ He could have been saved together with Rose by the rescue boat. Titanic is a movie about death and separation, and it only makes sense to let the main protagonist die, but not in this way! Fans of the movie are still mad at director James Cameron for his death and more than 20 years later it is still a popular debate.

Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games : Mockingjay

Finnick Odair is one of the fans’ favorite characters from the Hunger Games series, not just because of Sam Claflin and his perfection. He won the 65th Hunger Games because of his great skills as a fighter and also because he received a lot of sponsors owing to his great looks, which is inarguable. For someone so proficient with combat and survival skills, he died a shallow death. He could have easily climbed the tunnel with the rest of his team. His death didn’t have much implication to the Hunger Games series and even if they were to kill him off, an important character like him deserved a better death. Another reason why his death is so heartbreaking is that he left Annie Cresta and their baby alone.

Dr. Robert Neville in I Am Legend

I am Legend is one of the famous movies starring Will Smith that has a controversial ending. There are two versions of endings to the movie and in the theatrical ending, Neville dies protecting Anna and Ethan by blowing himself and the Hemocytes with a grenade. He could have easily saved himself too because there was clearly enough room in the coal shed. He could have pulled the grenade pin and thrown it at the Hemocytes. Pulling the pin and sacrificing himself looked more like suicide instead of the intended heroic act. In the alternate ending, Neville is still alive and there was a moment of realization that questions his entire understanding of the Hemocytes and his research, making the entire plot more tactful. Neville driving with Anna and Ethan to Vermont with the antidote is a much better ending that makes his character arc fulfilling after his family’s tragedy.

Fred Weasley, Harry Potter, and the Deadly Hallows

Everyone’s favorite Weasleys were Fred and George. They were inseparable and always had something fun up their sleeves. Their notorious pranks and humor made them one of the most likable characters in the wizarding world. Fred died a devastating death in the Deadly Hallows, shattering the Weasley family and the hearts of Potterheads. JK Rowling is still not forgiven for Fred’s death by many Potterheads. His death did nothing to the plot or change the course of the battle. It just deprived George of his twin brother and his best friend, leaving him alone to run their shop i.e. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley.

Cyclops & Professor X in X-Men: The Last Stand

Cyclops aka Scott Summers is a Class 4 mutant field leader of the X-Men. Whether you ship Jean Grey with Wolverine or Scott, there is no denying that Scott Summers is one of the most loved characters of the X-Men universe. And then we have Professor X who has one of the most powerful brains in the world. Both of them were killed in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand by Jean Grey’s alter personality but the deaths of two major characters don’t affect the X-Men universe because in X-Men: Days of Future Past, he’s alive and well. Their death was just for the dramatic effect which is an insult to the characters and the entire movie franchise. We know that the X-Men universe has various alternate realities and characters die in some version of these realities but Cyclops’ & Professor X’s death was unnecessary and the only effect it had was realized only in this movie alone.

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