Flight Upgrade Hacks

If you travel a lot, you’ve got to know this list!

We all love being given the royal treatment, more so when we are flying. With comfort and luxury disposed at one’s fingertips, flying business or first class is always a dream. Besides indulgences and exclusive amenities provided during the flight, other bonuses of flying business/first class come in the form of undemanding baggage clearances and hassle-free boarding. However, with exorbitant fares, it seems nearly impossible for people to pay up without burning a hole in their pockets unless they get an upgrade. Dreams do come true.

Here is what you can do to get yourself a flight upgrade:

Know someone in the airlines

This is a no-brainer, and of course, having connections can help anywhere, right? Tap into your social side and connect with that contact. Often, people do try to help. You could be lucky here too.

Get yourself into the frequent flyer club

When you travel many times with an airline, a miles card collects points every time you do so. This allows you to save up enough to go on that one extravagant first-class journey you had your eye on forever without paying.

Flight Upgrade Hacks

Be late

Yes, we know being late is shabby and a complete downer. Though the chances of you being bumped to business/first class are higher when there are barely any seats in the economy. “Economy is full, would you like to travel business?” Oh, the misery! Wink wink.

Peak time travel

In an overbooked flight, while seats are being sold like hotcakes, airlines realize they need to still accommodate. This ends in people being upgraded without anyone asking anything.

The Honeymoon/Anniversary Trick

Remember when Monica and Chandler see a couple being upgraded to first-class because they were on their honeymoon? A scene from Friends could translate into your real life too. I mean… the honeymoon thing always works.

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