5 Weird Food Combinations That Everyone Must Try!

Weird Food Combinations That Everyone Must Try!

Food combinations are like good stories, they pass on from one person to another through word of mouth. I remember the first time my best friend made me try fries with ice cream, it opened up new sensations in my taste buds! I still eat them together every chance I get; here’s some advice- the McDonald’s soft serve works best for this combo. Innovation is second nature to human beings, and when they apply it to food it’s magical!

Here’s a list of weird food combinations that are actually delicious! And I’m not talking about “pineapple on pizza” weird- that’s basic and we’re over it.

weird food combinations that everyone must try!

Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches

Your instinct will probably tell you it won’t work, but don’t trust it. Quite a few people swear by this combination. The sweetness of peanut butter and the sourness of dill pickles perfectly compliment each other.

Chocolate and Chips

This combo is as iconic as M&Ms and popcorn! The sweet and salty flavors go well together; so well that Lay’s actually released chocolate-covered potato chips in 2013.

French Fries and Honey

This duo needs to be as normalized as fries with ice cream because it is so so good! Again, two contrasting flavors come together to form an amalgamation of rich deliciousness.

Ice-cream and Olive Oil

You read that right! As bizarre as it may sound, plenty of people swear by it. The grassy and fruity tones of olive oil accentuate the taste of vanilla ice cream, and to get that sweet-salty flavor, sprinkle just a few sea salt flakes!

Coca-Cola and Chicken

This isn’t as weird as it sounds; it’s on the same plane as sweetmeat flavorings like teriyaki or sweet barbecue sauce. Chicken cooked in Coca-Cola is so good that the beverage giant has put up the recipe on its website too!

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