5 foods that should be free for life

Foods that should be free for life

All food should be free for life. Especially these…

We cannot possibly pick a favorite food. There are hundreds of foods that pop into my mind that are simply too good to be true and mouthwatering just at the thought of them. But these decisions will take more thought than just deliciousness.
Think about it, would you get sick of the food at a point, and wish you’d pick something else? Is it something you can make at home, and actually make it better than restaurants? Availability and price. What’s the point of having it free if you cannot find it near your house?
We take these decisions very seriously here!


It is very hard to find someone who does not like pizza! What is there to hate? Bread, tomato, and cheese. But also very difficult to replicate at home. Imagine your favorite restaurant serving you pizza for free forever. This Italian delicacy has become so popularized that you can find every possible variant. And that is key! You cannot become bored of pizza if there are unthinkable variants and toppings waiting to be tried. If it’s just cheese, or with pepperoni, fully loaded with vegetables, stuffed crust, no crust, thin crust, chicken instead of crust, gluten-free, vegan, name it and you shall receive.


This Mexican delight has been adapted as a global food as well. Tacos will always guarantee you variety as well. It is a food that makes you eat them with your fingers and lick them as well! Now, while you might say a taco is never enough to fill you, if it’s free, you can order as many as you want! And no one will judge you, cause if it’s free… who wouldn’t?


Pasta, pasta, pasta! The moment I say pasta a different image will pop up in all our heads. Now I know that pasta can be easily made at home, actually a pretty basic comfort food. But now you can buy pasta for free. Also, think about fresh pasta, hand-made at restaurants that just melt in your mouth. Ravioli, tortellini, lasagna, agnolotti, in every sauce imaginable.
Most importantly, Mac and Cheese! Mac and cheese with bacon, with a side of french fries, mac with 5 different kinds of cheese, cheese with five different macarons. You are limited only by your imagination.


Now everyone might not be a big fan of steak. Especially if you are vegetarian or vegan. But to all my meat lovers out there, you know the beauty of a beautiful perfectly cooked steak. The only problem, the good ones are usually pretty expensive. Imagine having the most expensive cuts of meat, beautifully prepared for free! There will never be another boring or cheap dinner date. For all my fancy people out there, you know exactly what to order.


Ok ok, before you roll your eyes, just hear me out! This can be a cheat hack. Now if you are a vegetable or fruit lover, this works out pretty well. But roughly speaking, a salad is a bunch of stuff put together that is served cold. So you can have a salad made up of anything…
Pasta salad, pizza salad, taco salad, meat salad, egg salad, and any of these can be had with a ton of cheese, or ranch, or any sauce that you like and call it a ‘vinaigrette’.
You are sorted!

I might just have given you the ultimate lifehack i.e if this option is ever presented to you. What will your choice be? Tell us on Rizzle!

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