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A lot can change in the editing room.  

Video editing skill is something that everyone should know regardless of their profession. It really is a skill that we require every day. Attending a birthday party, recording a beautiful sunset, capturing the rain, capturing a reaction, etc., are all part of our daily life. Still, in most cases, these videos need some minor changes, and that’s where video editing comes in. So, a basic understanding of video editing skills is paramount for everyone. 

So, where do you learn the basics of video editing?

Video editing is no longer confined to professional video editors or videographers. These days you can shoot and edit a video simultaneously with your phone. With the number of apps and tools available for video shooting and editing, editing has never been easier. So, back to the question: where can a person learn how to edit videos? 

There are so many tutorial videos on the internet where you can learn video editing. Also, most video editing apps are self-explanatory, and anyone with a basic knowledge of smartphones can navigate them easily. Smartphones have become so self-reliant that you can shoot amazing videos and edit them without a crew. They say that it takes a village to shoot a movie, which is true, but with the right tools and skills, anybody can be a filmmaker with a smartphone. 

Why is video editing important?

Every great actor sometimes takes time to get a scene perfectly. Retakes and preparation go a long way, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. That’s where editing comes to the rescue. Your video project can be a mere video log of your everyday life or a big project for school or office, and the most important thing is the final outcome. For the final product to be impeccable, the editing process has to be equally impeccable. Thus, the most crucial step of video creation is the editing part. Here are some reasons why editing is so vital:

  1. Reviewing footage: While shooting, it is easy to overlook certain shots. Whether it is just some objects that should be in the shoot or an unwanted sound, the review process will put together all the footage, and you can decide which one to use and which one to edit.
  2. Win or Bust: The editing process is where the future of your video success or failure lies. There are always some tools to fix a video if there are any technical issues like lighting and audio. Perfect footage is not enough, they need proper alignment of scenes, transitions, and right audio, and if an editor can figure this out, a video will be perfect. 
  3. Creative decision: You can always rely on editing software and tools, but true creativity comes from within. Video editing takes a whole lot of attention to detail, so you need to understand your project and make creative decisions accordingly. 

Here are some video editing software and apps that you can use for video editing: 


FilmoraGo is a free video editing app for Android, and it is available on Google Play Store. It has incredible features which are easy to use for beginners. There is a paid version of the app, but you can do all your edits with free tools. 

Things you can do with FilmoraGo:

  • Edit and export video without damaging the video quality
  • Add soundtracks and voiceovers. 
  • Add filters and transitions 
  • Edit the video speed
  • Add new layers 


Rizzle is a short video-making app available for both iOS and Android on App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. Rizzle has some fantastic features which you can use to create videos and share on the Rizzle platform or other social media platforms.

Things you can do with Rizzle’s features:

  1. Filmi- Filmi adds the Bollywood spice to your videos with a single touch. You can record the video and the Filmi touch and upload your videos too. 
  2. Titan- With this feature, you can shrink or magnify yourself. You can become as big as an elephant or as small as a bird. 
  3. Rimix- With this feature, you can choose videos from other creators on the app or upload them from your phone to make remix videos without the hassle of editing. 

Rizzle also has other features like Green screen, Talk about a Picture, Picture in Picture, etc. Using this feature, you can make videos and add music from Sony Music Entertainment and Aditya Music without worrying about copyright issues. The bonus is that all these features are free and you don’t have to pay for them. 


Probably one of the most popular editing apps is Kinemaster. Every person has heard about it or used it at some point in their life. It is available both for Android and iOS. 

Things you can do with Kinemaster

  • Real-time recording- you can shoot, edit and export your footage on your smartphone without tampering with the video quality. 
  • Easy to use tools- You can adjust the lighting, colors, saturations and keep a consistent temperature with the easy-to-use tools.
  • Multi-layered videos- You can add layers of images, gifs, texts, videos, audios, and many more with this feature.
  • Social media integration- You can share your videos instantly after editing the video to different social media platforms. 

InShot Video Editor

InShot is another powerful video editing app that is available for both iOS and Android. It is very user-friendly with an easy-to-use interface. With its multi functionalities, Inshot is ideal for basic videos and pictures edit. 

Things you can do with InShot

  • Edit pictures, blur backgrounds, and make collages
  • Edit videos
  • Remove watermark, there is a watermark in the free version of the app, but you can upgrade it by paying $2.99 or remove the watermark by watching an ad.
  • It has multiple frame rate options. 
  • You can add in-house soundtracks or upload your custom soundtrack. 
  • It comes with a bonus feature to freeze a portion of your video. 


Pronounced as (City pro), this video editing app is the perfect Mojo app. You can shoot, edit and export the videos on the same app. It can be downloaded on both iOS and Android phones. 

Things you can do with CTPro:

  • Shoot like a pro with advanced stabilizers.
  • If you’re a journalist or a media student and you have just finished shooting, you can edit on the go with their easy-to-use tools but with a professional touch.
  • One bonus about CTPro is that you can stream your content. 


These video editing apps are perfect for creating and sharing creativity with the world through smartphones. 

There are many more mobile phone apps out there for your creative outlet. Our list ends here for today, but here are some honorary mentions – VN, Power Director, LumaFusion, Adobe Rush, CyberLink ActionDirector, Adobe Premiere Clip, etc., to name a few.

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