Game-changer: Ye Kahaani Poori Filmi Hai

Make your videos viral with Filmi

Spice up your videos to the next level using Filmi, only on Rizzle!

Do you ever wish you could edit your videos like they do in the movies? Like FLAWLESS?
If you thought “Yes!” we’ve got you covered!
Meet our newest feature- Filmi!

What is Filmi?

Filmi adds the Bollywood spice to your videos with a single touch. No editing is needed. Prepare to be amazed – try it, let your next video go viral!

Editing is often called “the invisible art”, and team Rizzle has mastered it. After a great deal of research and tests, it’s finally here! Filmi, the groundbreaking new update we’ve got in store for you, our users.

Filmi spices up basic videos with stunning visual effects, completely eliminating the need for you to edit them. Groove on the most happening tracks, use Filmi and your next viral video is ready to break the screens. Videos are so amazing that you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off them. Choose from a host of pre-loaded Filmi templates, record your Filmi, and upload it.

Head on to experimenting with our uber-cool new custom effects, specifically tailored for our users instead of reading and watching hours of instruction videos on video editing. Rizzle’s Filmi is super sleek and easy to use. With this feature, you can start your pro editing game right away and instantly make your videos more glamorous and professional-looking.

Who can use Filmi?

Everyone! But, it is a savior for all those who want to make amazing videos but don’t have the skill or time for it. Rizzle believes that your ideas deserve the best production tools and that is why Filmi was created – to revolutionize the video editing industry that requires minimal effort from the creator.

How do I use Filmi?

Filmi lets users record videos and process them to look professional. It also gives users a wide range of Filmi templates so they can seamlessly start recording. Here are the steps on how to use Filmi:

1. Pick your preferred Filmi.

2. Perform on the song and let Rizzle make your video more Filmi (pun-intended)

Filmi will add custom effects to your recorded video and save you from hours of video editing. It enables users who are not proficient with video editing to create great videos in just a few clicks. With Filmi, there is no bias between skilled video editors and amateurs, the feature will turn ideas into engaging videos to share on Rizzle and other social media platforms.

Going viral isn’t random, magic or luck, but with Filmi going viral has never been easier. So, wait no more and try Rizzle’s Fimli feature right now.

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