Rizzle Dekho Part XV: Ghar-Ghar Ki Kahaani

Ghar-Ghar Ki Kahaani

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where all the ghar wala drama is.

Dealing with different characters with complex personalities and different situations is a daunting thing, but something all of us are used to.

If you want to have a good laugh at your regular plight, these short series on Rizzle are made just for you:

SAAS-BAHU Drama (Part-1)

Starring Sonal Srivastava, this short series on Rizzle highlights the typical saas-bahu drama prevalent in nearly every Indian household. The saas has to deal with an overly pampered bahu who refuses to do any kind of household chores. The bahu has to deal with an annoying saas whose sole motive is to question her every action. The passive-aggressive discourse between the two ladies is quite entertaining.


Maids and caregivers are integral parts of every upper-middle-class Indian family. But they are taken for granted and mistreated by their employers in most cases. But they are unable to voice out their grievances due to their place in the hierarchy dictated by society. This short series on Rizzle starring Sonal Srivastava shows all the unspoken concerns and grievances maids have towards their employers without any filters.


When a “Kirayedar” is kicked out of the house for not paying her rent, the “Makanmaalik” pities her situation and allows her to stay. The landlady played by Tantra Sharma, is absolutely done with the tenant’s antics. Sonal Srivastava plays a vivacious college student and tenant. Slowly by slowly, the tenant takes over the house in a funny twist of fate.

Siblings ka Siyappa — 2

Tantra Sharma and Sonal Srivastava return as siblings who can’t stand each other. The two sisters argue over dresses, nail paints, purses, and more. It’s a cat and mouse relationship with the two trying to annoy each other at every instance they get.

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