Harry Potter and How it Divided the World into Houses

Harry Potter Houses

Potterheads, unite!

If you have or have not read Harry Potter, you know about it, heard about it, watched the movies, discussed it with your peers, awkwardly stood around as your friends discussed, or just straight up went bat shit crazy on some Potter fanfic.

Despite Rowling’s unwarranted tweets about them in a desperate attempt to keep people talking about it, I would just like to say it is not necessary, we have enough fanfic to last decades, and each upcoming generation finding something new in the series. It remains Relatable! And even if you are not a big fan it is still mixed with nostalgia for most of us.

Now as we all know about the 4 houses, I’m sure you have already proclaimed yourself part of a house according to your character traits, or if you haven’t read the series, a friend has randomly come up to you and said: “hmm, you are definitely Slytherin”.

Has this happened to you?
If that has left you wondering what about you is so Slytherin, I would just like to say that the character traits for each house develop and becomes more complex depending on whom you ask. Being placed in a house is almost as big as zodiac signs now. You are not just Gryffindor, you can be Gryffindor, with Slytherin traits and a rising Ravenclaw moon (idk). You can be Hufflepuff on the streets and Slytherin in the sheets. Honestly, it’s only limited by your imagination. You might get different answers on the quiz as well!

It may have divided the world into four houses, in a very cute positive way, and if nothing else, it’s a conversation starter, whether you are a Potterhead or not. So I’m sure we have all found ourselves taking the “which bread are you?” quiz at 3 am. If you ever find yourselves there again, just take a Pottermore quiz, and choose your allegiance, cause think about it, if there would be a Hunger Games kinda situation in our future (considering 2020), it will definitely be according to Harry Potter Houses.

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