Introducing Rizzle Trends

Sizzle with Rizzle!

It’s time not to copy trends but to set them…

What is a Trend?

A simple word that has been used extensively in our daily language in the last half-a-decade. Trends are as dynamic as we used to learn about in business environments. They can make someone a star within a minute. 

Rizzle in itself is a trend. Rizzle is an app that is an out-of-this-world free video editor and a trend-generating platform within its own right.

The trends on Rizzle are making the short video community sizzle. They are the talk of the town at this very moment, and we hope it stays this way for way longer. Being a constant in this changing contemporary reel world is quite challenging yet refreshing at the same time. 

Of late, talented video content creators have been attempting popular Rizzle trends and acing the game. When you think you’ve seen the best version of the trend, another fantastic creator comes along and completely blows your mind. So watch out for some supreme entertainment on Rizzle, and hop on board some popular trends and make them in your own unique style.

Trends of the Week

Every week Rizzle has unnumerable trends for you to take your pick and work your magic. This week’s trends look like the following:

 #FindYourVibe: It allows you to vibe to music on your own terms. Break the barriers; rules are extinct, my friend!

#3Obsessions: We all have secret passions and open obsessions; share some of yours with us.  

#Callified: We all dislike someone, don’t lie, we do. Tell us how do you say hello to people you dislike when they give you an unwanted call!

#Zoompanti: Show us the various rainbow people you across in your neverending Zoom meetings.

#MomAndMe: Share some timeless images of you and your mom at the same age.

#StrictParents: Tell us you live with strict parents without actually telling us. Shhh! Let’s keep some mystery alive.

#KaisaYehRaabta: Share with us some Raabta moments in your life with your loved ones. 

#PehchaanKaun: Sometimes your Government ID pictures are unrecognizable even to you. Show us some of those pictures and how you really look.

Oh! We know they are fun and entertaining. This is just the tip of the iceberg; visit the Rizzle app to find more amazing videos. Haven’t you heard what silk said, ” Short video apps sirf 3 chizon se chalti hai, Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment.” Filmi hona toh banta hai na boss!

We have a complete section dedicated for you to show off your FILMI style. Isn’t it entirely ‘Jhakkaas!’. 

We have thousands of templates and trends for you to choose from and make the best of Rizzle, the short video app for both creators and viewers. 

So, don’t be a koala! Download the Rizzle app now and join us in this stream of fun and craziness. Become famous, earn and be the star you have always wanted to be. 

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