Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

We as a generation are right in the middle of a hustle culture, where only overworking and exerting yourself to your limit on a daily basis can guarantee success. Pulling all-nighters, having meetings in the middle of the night, giving up weekends for work- all common practices during crucial times have now become the bare minimum. Millennials entered the workforce while it was fresh into the economic downfall, and now we work super hard to keep the jobs that were difficult to score in the first place. While the majority of our generation is busy working grey and dull jobs, there are a few rare ones that you probably didn’t know even existed!

Here’s a list of 8 jobs you didn’t know existed that sound too good to be true. Fair warning, you will want to make some big career changes once you finish reading this article!

1. Mattress Jumper:

You know those mattress commercials that make you want to take a nap instantly? There are people who make sure those are as comfortable as they can get for you! Our collective childhood fun activity is an actual job that prays pretty well. Luxury mattress brands hire professionals to “walk out the mattress.” The job entails jumping up and down on fresh mattresses in order to compress dozens of layers of cotton batting inside and ensure that it is free of lumps and other imperfections. Contrary to what it may seem like, professionals say that it’s not all fun and games. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do mattress jumping. The right way is to aim to cover more surface area rather than reach a certain height.
How much does this job pay? A median amount of up to $28,580 per year!

2. Water Slide Tester:

When we see a water slide at an amusement park, there is only one goal in our minds- SLIDE! Not many think about how it was built and how it got its safety issued. There are professionals that are hired to try out the water slides to ensure that they’re safe for the public. Each chain of hotels, resorts, and amusement parks has water slide testers who travel to designated locations to test the slides for the fun and safety quotient.

3. Ice-cream Taster:

Job title- Tastemaster/ Food Scientist/ Flavorologist/ Sensory Analyst
Job description- TASTE ICE CREAM!
An ice cream taster is expected to stick to a strong sampling schedule, where they assess the quality of each ice cream on the basis of taste, texture, color, smell, appearance, and other very particular factors. In addition to this, the taster may also be required to invent new flavors of ice-creams! What’s more? An ice-cream taster can earn up to $100,000 per year! Looks like a good time to explore this area, doesn’t it?

Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

4. Chocolate Taster:

The job is exactly like it is for an ice-cream taster, except this is for chocolates. A chocolate tester is required to test chocolates for taste, smell, texture, consistency, and flavor. They are required to identify any and all gaps in the given chocolate and suggest solutions for the same. While this may be an absolute dream job, we must remember that, at the end of the day, this is food science. A lot of knowledge, creativity, imagination, commitment, finesse, and attention to detail goes into this job. A chocolate taster is required to have in-depth knowledge of flavors, expertise in all things food, lots of patience, and an open mind. Basic marketing and public relations skills are an added bonus.
At an advanced level, a chocolate taster can earn up to $100,000 per year.

5. Personal Ferrari Shopper:

This profession essentially requires you to travel around the world to inspect and buy multi-million dollar classic Ferraris for their clients. The stakes are high, and so are the results. A personal Ferrari shopper earns millions of dollars for each purchase he makes for them. Millionaires often hire personal shoppers for several other commodities, such as designer clothes, luxury watches, jewelry, and such. It’s these personal shoppers’ job to closely inspect and make sure to bring a perfect product to the client.

6. Video Game Tester:

You may be familiar with this job title if you’ve seen the famous Black Mirror: Bandersnatch episode. Getting paid to play and finish an entire game is a dream come true for any video game enthusiast. They’re essentially required to test the game for any bugs and glitches there might be, inconsistencies in storylines, and the overall fun quotient of it all. In addition to that, a video game tester also needs to have a good understanding of the gaming community to confidently gauge if the product will be received well.

7. Professional Snuggler:

Gone are the days of free hugs to make yourself feel less lonely. You can now pay for a professional to snuggle you and alleviate your heartache. This is strictly non-sexual and is only meant to soothe your mind! As bizarre as it may sound, our lonely generation could definitely use some snuggling.


We saved the best for last! This job is offered by the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an, China. Being a panda nanny would mean that you would have to take care of the snuggly floor balls- feed the pandas, make sure they don’t hurt themselves in their trademark goofy antics. The fun aspect of the job aside, it’s filled with heavy responsibility. The panda population has been on the decline due to loss of habitat and restricted bamboo supplies. One of the purposes of the panda nanny program is to spread awareness about and build interest in pandas. So, when you’ve had it with the humans, you know what you have to do!

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