Kahaani hamaari, Meme aapka!

Collab with memes. Another exclusive feature by Rizzle

Change the climax of a story with your fun twist!

Attention Memers! We have a new feature just for you and it is called “Memes.”
Yes, you heard that right it is called Collab with Memes. It is our take on your favorite ‘Collabs’ feature; we’ve taken it a notch higher. Who doesn’t want an upgrade, right? Just when we thought memes couldn’t get any better, with this feature, a creator can have more fun by putting a twist on every video.

What is Collab with Memes?

Collab with Memes is a new feature exclusive to Rizzle. In this feature, a template video (we call it “hook video” internally) will be provided to the users on the app and they can change the climax or end of a story with a funny twist. It can also be summed up as “an unexpected development of events.”

With one template, a user can create multiple videos with different approaches to the same template. This feature has the ability to scale up to a multitude of ideas and the only limit is the imagination. To all Memers, this is the feature for you. It’s Memes but with double the fun.

The current situation in the world is not improving with the pandemic still at large. In tough times like this where people are suffering economically, mentally, and emotionally it is exciting to see Rizzle coming up with new features to keep users engaged and entertained. The new features are a getaway for content creators to tackle all the negativity. Rizzle’s features like Rimix, Titan and Filmi opened the door to endless possibilities for content creators and there is more in store. Rizzle is coming with some brilliant features that are out of this world and our Rimix feature can vouch for that, considering the virality it attained.

With all these features, creators have the room to maneuver between the many amazing features and Meme has the ability to change the game for Memers. Many of our features gratify the dancers, singers, and lip-syncers of the Rizzle, but with this Meme feature, it is time to shine for memers and become a meme-star on Rizzle.

How will Collab with Memes benefit creators?

The Collab with Memes feature is an opportunity for all the video content creators out there to team up with fellow creators and bring out the best from both worlds. Multiple benefits can come out of a nice collaboration. The best is that it can help collaborators gain access to an even broader audience than usual. Who knows, your could be the next viral video ruling the internet!

Try Collab with Memes now!

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