Let’s be Real with Rizzle

The highly dynamic environment of any social media app can make you dizzy, especially trends on growing apps like Rizzle! These trends and the content derived from them make it seem like one’s walking in an endless desert of talent, don’t they?

The trends on Rizzle have been picking up quite quickly in the past month. And the reason for that is the dedicated efforts put in by our team and creators like you, of course! This very aspect motivates us to develop unique, fun trends that act as an avenue for you to show people how you really feel and who you really are. 

Gone are the days when you had to be all happy and chirpy, bright and blue to be an influencer. Today, it is all about authenticity in the virtual world. 

Now it might seem a bit unrealistic, but it is what it is. Genuine emotion, realism, and authenticity are the factors that grip people nowadays. Look at the movie Shershah for example. The sheer realism portrayed in that movie made it live in the hearts of the viewers forever. The fake grandeur is going to come to an end one way or another. 

Let us share some of our trends from this week that helped many of our creators express themselves:

  • #Thatmoment: A trend that asks you to share your moments of silence. The moments that left you speechless. Or, in a more filmi way, “woh pal jab tum Bezubaan reh gaye kisi na kisi wajah se.” You get the gist.
  • #Yehraabta:   Do you go crazy for that special someone in your life? Then go ahead, use this trend and share the moment of love that left you feeling the ‘raabta.’
  • #Meetmygreed: Remember that ‘Dil Maange More’ dialogue and the feeling of Shershah? That is what we are talking about here. What is your greed, your passion? What is that feeling that you just cannot get enough of?
  • #Dumbsister: It is a universal fact that all siblings are dumb. Come to think of it that makes almost half of the world dumb. Irrespective of that, share some memories of your dumb brother or sister with us!
  • #Nothappening: Remember when Phoebe said, “I wish I could, but I don’t want to.” Have you ever experienced that happiness of saying no just to say no? Then you know what to do!
  • #Retrotometro: Got the moves? Show us some of your metro moves in retro style.

These are some of the most well-received trends and the ones that allow you to be your authentic selves.

We’re sure some of these trends, if not all, grabbed your attention! Tell you what, Rizzle has hundreds of new templates waiting for you to try out and allows you to create unique trends! 

So, are you ready to show the world the real you? Are you ready to become a RIZZLE STAR? Then download Rizzle App now and join in on the fun right away!

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