5 Makeup Items Every Girl Should Have in Her Bag!

Makeup items every girl should have in their bag

All women are pretty without makeup but the right makeup can be pretty powerful!

Whether it’s a sling bag, a handbag, or a wallet, we have different things in our bag based on our priority or where we’re going. However, there are a few essentials we have in our bag that we just can’t do without, one of them being our makeup kit. Makeup is one thing that every girl loves, as it not only boosts our confidence but gives us power over our appearance. Whether you’re an avid makeup user or a beginner, makeup essentials are for everyone. There are some products that we cannot live without.

Here are some basic makeup products every girl should have in their bag to touch up quickly wherever you are:


A moisturizer does wonder when applied 5 minutes before any other makeup products. It helps in preventing dry and cracked skin, leaving it supple and hydrated. It fills in the pores, blurs out blemishes, and gives absolute smoothness to the skin. It revives and protects your skin from any other chemical-based products while softening and concealing other skin blemishes. Using a daily face moisturizer ensures that the skin issues are camouflaged. In short, it helps in maintaining healthy skin and preventing any environmental damage to your skin.


Concealers might seem like an unnecessary nuisance since it’s assumed that a foundation does the job, but it can be your secret weapon, so it is the one versatile product every girl should have. It helps in getting rid of blemishes like hyperpigmentation, dark spot, acne scars, or under-eye circles and brings attention and focus to your face. A good under-eye concealer in the morning is necessary for all those late-night outs. A concealer helps you look wide-awake and obscures the massive hormonal zit which settles down on your chin.

BB or CC Creams

BB creams are the best things in beauty products giving you a lightweight all-over coverage that builds like foundation. It makes the skin look flawless and works from within giving an instant glow and perfect complexion. These are added with skincare benefits like SPF and antioxidants. CC creams are color correctors and will be supple on the skin. These creams can come in handy when you don’t have a foundation.


Do we even need to say it? Of course, mascara is a must for every girl. A quick swipe of mascara instantly widens your eyes and makes you look more beautiful. It helps curl the eyelashes and adds volume to them, thus accentuating your overall look. You can also pick a waterproof one to keep it in place all day. So, put that magic wand to some good use.


This is one of the most essential makeup items one must carry all the time. Lipstick is always the only thing that can fill in when you are short on other makeup products. This can work as a color corrector, eyeshadow, and blush. A nude lipstick goes perfect with any type of makeup. A red lipstick uplifts your look instantly and is a universally flattering and versatile one to keep you going from the office to the dance floor. It looks fab on everyone!

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